Can anyone suggest a good java or web trading platform with long demo trading account

Hi again guys.

Can anyone suggest a good java/web-based trading platform/broker? Preferably one with a long or (best case) permanent demo trading account to start with.

I can’t install software on my computer at work and I’d love to spend my spare moments looking at the markets.

Thanks for your suggestions! Much appreciation.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you traders in the USA.


  • Iggy

hey iggy, what i use for my demo is ACM (automated currency markets) there demo is available online, it lasts 1 month ut after that one month they ask if you would like to continue with the demo, you click yes and just keep going, your account balance doesnt change at all so it is pretty much a permanent demo acct. although i would not suggest them for a live account i dont mind trading on there demo. There charts are terrible to say the least, i use’s finance charts which are free and actually pretty good. there are available through there website as well
hope that helps iggy and happy thanksgiving

Can anyone suggest a good java/web-based trading platform/broker? Preferably one with a long or (best case) permanent demo trading account to start with.

Oanda, java based & unlimited demo, just google it.

oanda is great as well, acm is set up as a standard demo with 100,000 lots as well which is one thing i didnt really like.
what are you using for charts iggy?


Huge thanks Daydreamer65. Onada FXGame is exactly what I need. Much appreciation!

Hey jibby. I went ahead and bought the Forex Tester software and am using that just to train right now. It has historical charts for all currency pairs from 2000 to mid-2007. I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning a ton.

I’m using MetaTrader4 for my actual trading platform right now (demo trading only until I get some solid education and experience under my belt).

What do you use?

  • Iggy

hey iggy, right now im only demoing, mostly on oanda and acm because of the online access, for charting im using netdania and intellicharts. i plan on doing some more homework over the next few months. buying a decent charting program prob after the holidays and start really backtracking a system that i think will work for me. Right now the plan is to break the ice in Feb -Mar with a live account. Its going to be exciting, cant wait.

Hey, guys. I’m sorry, it might sound like a duplicate, but I’m not understanding why both of my FXGame and FOREXTrader are not updating the charts when both of them stopped at 11/23 16:59 mark.

It’s the week-end. Forex closes at 2200 hrs (GMT, 1700hrs New York)
Friday until approx 1800hrs (GMT, 1300hrs NY) Sunday.

If you look now on Oanda, the charts should be printing, but the
spreads will not be down to normal until approx. 0100hrs GMT.

Ok, so it should be showing something by now, but it’s showing what’s in the picture attached. Is it normal? I’m in NY.

Try checking out TradeInterceptor its a java based platform which can be used for demo trading which has a very wide array of technical indicators i.e RSI, MACD etc and chart types Candle, Renko etc. Like wise netdania charts are also another web based charting solution with Fibonacci tools and multiple timeframes.

I think you should try Profiforex. They offer an amazing service. They also offer free demo account with enough virtual money to work with. I had no problems trading on their during my first two months. Their demo trading plateform looks real. You can easily download their demo plateform by visiting the site (just add a dot com)