Can Ethereum overtake Bitcoin?

Do you think Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin as the world’s number one cryptocurrency?

Maybe in 20 years? But even then I’m a little skeptical. ETH seems to have a lot of drama surrounding its community… But idk enough to say for sure it won’t flip.

I dont think so, i think they will grow together. The institutional money in BTC now shows its more of a long term asset

Given that their use case (based on their whitepapers and on practical observations) is completely different, there is no fundamental reason why ETH cannot overtake BTC, particularly since the latest EIP includes burning part of the ETH received from transaction fees.

Whilst the likes of ADA and SOL may challenge ETH in the short term, the historical facts are that income generation from gas fees is what has driven the relative success of ETH.

At the end of last year, I traded BTC for ETH at just over 1:30. I set a monthly diary reminder to review, amongst other things, the BTC/ETH ratio. The “zone of interest” for my trading criteria was 15:1. So we are now “in the zone” with respect to my trading intentions. It is likely that I will sell half the ETH and buy BTC with the proceeds for a “100% headline gain”. But it is not certain this will be the case. It is just a comfortable position to be in relative to the decision basis early January when we “traded” BTC for ETH.

Historically, ETH has been as high as 1 per 6 BTC. And has been lower than 1 per 50 BTC. This is the long term range I keep my eye on and it is likely that my trading plan that derisks a HODL strategy will be by selling half the trade at periods where the relative ratio doubles, each time it doubles. That is in keeping with my long term strategy, though I have been guilty of breaking those rules, and at times wishing that I had not exercised those rules - when for example BTT did a 28X after I sold out to BTC :face_vomiting:


I doubt if it can. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and it has garnered a lot of trust and investments over years. With Ethereum being a newer cryptocurrency, I don’t think it is going to be easy for it to overtake the popularity of bitcoin and come to rank 1. Otherwise, I have no doubt in saying that ethereum is a great altcoin to make an investment.

Ethereum is very popular, but it is still quite far behind Bitcoin and cannot quite compare.

I don’t think so. Bitcoin is gaining more day by day.

It’s true that it has a lot more use case, however you don’t see countries and many large corporations adopting it like they are with BTC. So I don’t see it any time soon…

Even after being a newer cryptocurrency, Ethereum is the second most traded cryptocurrency. Who knows, Ethereum 2.0 may surpass bitcoin.

I feel ETH 2.0 is going to be a game changer and in the coming time will be as valuable as BTC.

We will have to wait and see, I guess. So far Bitcoin remains king.

I had this plan, when I bought ETH at 30 to the BTC, to sell half of it if and when it reached 15 to the BTC. Since the original plan, my wife has taken an active participatory stance, and did not wish to sell half. We agreed to revisit if and when ETH reaches 0.1 BTC (10 to the BTC). I still wish to sell half and return it to BTC holding, but now I have my life partner interested in Crypto, and that is worth its weight in gold (sorry, in Bitcoin)

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It’s always great to hear about trader supported by their family!
What is the plan now then? About your ETH, that is? Hodl?

Some interesting free-time reading/stats to keep an eye on every couple of weeks.

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For now yes. Until crypto stops exhibiting choppy behaviour (my interpretation only), there is no point in having a specific plan. If I determine any buying opportunity outside of our current holdings (hodlings?) I will likely sacrifice some XRP before ETH. For long term valuation of our crypto portfolio I chose a long time ago to analyze the value of the holding in BTC and not in USD or GBP (our base cost currency). Our portfolio value since April is up and down to the tune of nearly 40% but in BTC terms it has been far less volatile at around 20%. To value a crypto portfolio in dollar terms leads (in my opinion) to a false sense of security. I have a fundamental belief that BTC is heading only one way in the long term - and that is upwards. If I did not believe that there would be no point in spending the relatively large amount of time dedicated to crypto than compared with other interests in life.

When we started out this venture in May 2020, a reasonable expectation of an annual return was 30% per year. Actual performance is so far ahead of that it makes a mockery of all other conventional investments we have made over the years, but we certainly would not bet the farm on anything crypto any time soon. Increased participation will only come from profits generated from crypto. That way, it will not be disappointing whatever the outcome.


Good rules to live by.

  1. Don’t bet the farm
  2. Increased participation comes from profits.

I don’t think so. BTC drives the price of every other alt coin , check the price movements of the last 6-7 months. Whenever BTC has fallen the price of all altcoins also falls especially ETH, so I don’t think ETH will ever overtake BTC.

I have seen some pretty generous analyses that Ethereum may rally to 20,000 USD by 2025. Even if it did that, it still wouldn’t overtake Bitcoin, unless Bitcoin crashed spectacularly - which is not as impossible as it sounds, considering its history. :sweat_smile:

I think with the kind of price rally ethereum has had this year, I believe in the coming one year or two we can see ETH surpass BTC.

I highly doubt that ETH will surpass BTC .The kind of price increase BTC just witnessed clearly shows how much the bulls and whales love it, I don’t think ETH would ever be able to over take BTC.