Can forex also be manipulated like stocks?

came here because of the gamestop issue since i wanted to try stocks trading but am feeling a bit discouraged now. i looked at other markets and i am considering forex. can it also be manipulated like stocks?

Hmm. :thinking: Generally, I think it’s possible that there may be some manipulation, but those would be very very minimal and insignificant. :open_mouth: Even analysts and brokerage firms are less likely to influence the market. :open_mouth: I just got that from this lesson. :sweat_smile: Maybe you’d wanna check it out.

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Forex can be but because of the higher volume on central banks can. The daily volume is in the trillions

Hope you didn’t buy GME at the top! Are you from the US? :open_mouth:

I’ve always wondered that about Forex. What’s the consensus?

thank you. im very interested in the conspiracy theory that banks, fund operators and big players manipulate price on an intraday scale. what do you think?

thank you very much

fortunately, i did not. yes i am from virginia.

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im also looking forward to what the vet traders have to say

Its highly likely some moves we see in forex are manipulations by the international banks but these are probably for a few pips and over a short time. Nothing like the campaigns of manipulation in the stock markets.

People also complain that brokers move their prices to hit stops by widening their spreads and this is manipulation. There’s a small degree of this I guess but nothing like what people think. This is a competitive and cost-sensitive market and any broker that consistently widens their spreads at random times is going to lose market share very quickly. Spreads do get widened around significant times of day and around news events, but that’s just the broker covering their exposure - they have as little idea where this or that pair is going in the next 20 minutes as we do.

Price spikes are more likely to be due to c0ck-ups than targeted stop-hunting. Any broker that suddenly offers an entry opportunity at a vast discount to all the other brokers is just asking to be taken to the cleaners.


It would be hilarious to imagine a wallstreetbets version of people on babypips though trying to move EUR/USD :joy:


Hahaha, now that is one hilarious mental image. Thank you for that.

“Guys we got this! Let’s stick it to the central bankers!!!” :rofl:

We need a couple million more members trading on super duper leverage. You’ve been appointed the Chair-lady.

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I guess it’s time to change my username to shallowfreakingvalue :joy: