Can help each other to trade confidently

Many times I guess a trend is going to start but can’t be confident to open position quickly.
I wait for confirmation with confusion in mind and when finally I open the position that places at the end of that trend!
A reversal makes some loss from that trade.
I feel that if someone can verify my trade idea and I can open the position quickly with confidence, this type of loss can be avoided easily.

So I build this application to connect many trades to help each other who suffer from the same issue.
I think with review of each trade idea by another two/three traders can be very helpful to avoid emotional trades also.
The application is not completed yet, I just started it to see whether it can help traders or not.
If you have any suggestion to make the application more useful, please feel free to communicate with me.

Please download the attached installer, open an account and see ‘How does it works’ under help menu for (934 KB) (934 KB)

Naeem Hasan