Can I be a Full-Time Trader?

This is a big question… I have done it full-time at times, more out of necessity. Twice I lost my full-time job in 2017. Both times, after that, my forex trading became much more profitable. I got fired most recently on November 2, 2017. If you don’t include the 3 trades worth $71,810.22 that I closed prior to the end of the year for tax purposes, I had a total of $25,628 in profits from the day I got fired until today! If I go back to Feb. 9, 2017 (the day I also got fired) until May 23, 2017 (when I officially started my new job), I had a total of $27,086 in profits through forex trading.

In other words, while I wasn’t working full-time, I had more time to spend on forex. In that period of just over 6.5 months, I made a total of $52,714 in my trades for an average of approximately $8,109.85 per month. This is the reality of my situation. Obviously when I have way more time and energy to devote to forex, it allows me to be focused, and to open and close unlimited trades.

The fact that I have never drawn money from my forex account is one reason I would prefer to work a full-time job as well. The fact that I have been able to work in the field of my choice is another reason I enjoy working, and hence, have been fired a lot!

What are your thoughts? I will attach screenshots of the latter part of each ‘unemployed period of time’ I discussed above.


i don’t understand…
so… WHY did you get fired a lot again ??

the answer to your question is… yes, one can be a full time trader, it can be done