Can I become a millionaire if I Invest in the Stock Market?

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This was one of the mostly asked question by stock market beginners…and Today i just want to know what you guys think about this topic…Kindly Give your Replies and If someone has Suggestions related to this Topic then he/she can give your Opinion through this Section…Eagerly Waiting For your replies…:relaxed:

With a starting capital of 10k and making 10% profit a month, taking no withdrawals, you would be a millionaire by March 2022.

The problems are finding the 10k, finding such a consistent strategy, and being able to continue to use it even when your account is suddenly 6 figures.

A small number of problems, but very hard to solve.

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I have worked out that I am about a year away from becoming a millionaire. The problem is I have been about a year away from becoming a millionaire for about 15 years.


you are no millionaire? really? how come? why havent you hang up yourself yet?

for the not so obvious: this was just some sarcasm.

Yet another totally pointless question



But we’ve already all worked out what this member’s motivation for being here is.

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Yeah, I didn’t realise it until after my post

Yes you can.
but obviously this is an oversimplified answer

Reason being is i can’t explain in a few lines what you need to do to become a millionaire.
so. the simple answer is YES, you can become a millionaire in the stock market

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as most of them are… right ?
but… what’s new.

i just want your opinions that what you think about this…

ok… well. it’s possible (given certain circumstances)

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Everything is possible. I know one trader who became a millionaire with a starting capital of 2k but, he traded in the forex market and used a significant leverage

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In theory everything is possible if you make a right choice. But for that you need some sum to start and that’s not 10 dollars. And you should understand that it may take a lot of time.

My answer is “yes”. If you have the habits of the successful traders and you are one of the people with adequate knowledge of the stock market then no one can stop you from becoming a millionaire. You just need to stay patient and work hard to earn as much as you can.