Can i get any Free Tutorial for Forex Trading?

[B]Can i get any Free Tutorial for Forex Trading?[/B]

I am new in Forex trading!!

I’d start right here, with the Babypips School of Pipsology: [B]School of Pipsology | Learn Forex Trading[/B]

(And this post may also help.)

I’m thinking why do not you make a small request? as a name of courses? It may help you sir.
goodluck sir!

Thanks for all for reply my post!

Even youtube is full of video tutorials for trading. You can get a lot of information and understanding by watching many videos from there.

You can also get a great deal of [I]mis[/I]information and [I]mis[/I]understanding, that way. Which is exactly where so many people go wrong.

And when you’re new and inexperienced, you have no way of distinguishing information and misinformation, because that requires experience and judgement.

Key concept: longstanding, recognised, accredited textbooks published by mainstream, orthodox publishers have stood the test of time and undergone extensive peer-review before ever seeing the light of day, in huge contrast to “internet information” - be aware that there’s no “informational quality control”, [I]online[/I]: anyone can publish anything offering advice, especially when they have some additional services/products to promote. There’s some good information among it, doubtless, but [U]when you don’t yourself have the experience and judgement to identify it confidently[/U], it’s a real lottery, depending on advice from strangers.

Trading successfully is about statistical/probability functions, ensuring that the deck is stacked in your favour, rather than against you.

And so is [I][U]learning[/U][/I] to trade successfully. :wink:

Hey beauty12!

Hello and welcome to the forex world! I agree with lexys about using the School of Pipsology as your stepping stone. It’s free and VERY newbie-friendly. Then, once you’ve locked down the basics, then you can proceed to making trades on demo accounts or (very) small live accounts.

I wouldn’t recommend getting any paid courses or mentors or tutorials yet until you get your feet wet in trading currencies. This way you’ll at least have ideas on what you should look for in your additional learnings.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Babypips and a lot of webinars by forex brokers are on your mouse.

Can you give me some webinars on Forex trading?

Of course you can get a free tutorial for forex trading here on this website. I just want to suggest you that even the Baby Pips school is for free you should consider it as school worthed thousands of Dollars.

this is an useful article you can start with