Can I get some more insight on oanda

Hi I’ve been demoing on oanda for a while now and planning to go live. I’ve read numerous reviews, some bad some good. Right now am confused, can people who’ve been with this broker give me some advice. I really want to go live but with every broker I c some horrible reviews, it makes it hard for a newbie to make a decision on a broker. Help will be gladly appreciated.

I’ve been live with Oanda for around 1.5 years and other than the occasional platform lockup (which happens with all brokers every now and then) I’ve never had any major problems.

Oanda is a good choice. I’ve used then for 2 years without a problem. They are probably one of the best brokers around. You’ll only be disappointed in their charts. But most people who use Oanda only place their trades through them. Most people will do their chart work with a MT4 demo.

If there good why do so many people post horrible reviews, is it just human nature to blame other people for your mistakes. I know there customer service is pretty good, I’ve spoken to them a few times. My experience was pretty good, I even asked about stop hunting and his explanation was pretty straight forward. He even instructed me to check prices across many different brokers to make sure the prices were in fact correct. He even said they had no dealing desk and they were an stp, how true is this. Does this type of feature really make it better for the trader. I thank you guys for the reply’s.

That’s exactly the reason why you see so many bad broker reviews.

Oanda is very solid. The fact that so many folks use them and that they do absolutely no advertising (meaning growth is all word of mouth) speaks volumes to what kind of operation they are.

Consider this: O. highest leverage is 50:1, they have never allowed hedging & yet they have the largest capitalization of any forex dealer. Plus their volume is huge. My trading now consists of S&R zones(+ intermediate reversals), trendlines, and daily pin bar reversals - no need for MT4, Oanda’s charts are perfect. d

I have been in live account with them 5 months ago … everything seems good till now

Just lost around 400$ because of my bad knowledge and experience on forex :frowning:

I have never had a problem except for the fact that every once in a while the platform locks. If you are scalping then they are not for you. If you trade the daily charts then they are perfect for you. I use charts from another broker because their charts are horrible.