Can I log out of the platform

When I open a position on metatrader 4, can I log out of the platform when the position is still open? I want to be able to go and do other things like leave the house when I open a trade and log in again at specific times to check the progress of the trade. Is it possible or do I have to be logged into the platform throughout the day?

Unfortunately not.
I’m a position trader and have been shorting Sterling since the Brexit vote in 2016. I haven’t left my house and now have a very long beard and no friends due to not having had a shower either.


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I have a funny feeling though that this particular dude is legit so at the possible risk of making an idiot of myself I’ll answer:

Yes you can log out of MT4 without affecting any open trades. The only thing that you cannot do (as far as I’m aware anyway i.e. I don’t use MT4 but seem to remember this) is trail stops i.e. if I remember correctly trailing stops are only if effect while the platform is open. Once it’s closed they fall away. But I assume somebody in the know will correct me if I’m wrong here.

Also: if you’re running an EA on MT4 it has to be open i.e. the moment you close it the EA is no longer running. That’s why some brokers offer a VPS service.


Ye olde brain matter is not so worn out yet i.e. this from FXCM’s website (not them for any particular reason i.e. it just came up when I did a Google search for MT4 trailing stops is all):

“Trailing Stops are held on your MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, not FXCM servers. Meaning, your platform will need to be on in order for them to activate and move your stop.”

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I bet he is just making fun oof you, you for sure can be allowed to do such things like you described on MetaTrader 4 and probably some other platforms like MetaTrader5 anyway. And probably even some more included. It’s just common sense.

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By my opinion, if you can long in, then certainly you can log out. If you are not short term trader than you can leave your position open and do some other things while you are waiting your TP to be reached. If you are expecting SL, then it is better to stay logged in

You can always log out, but keep in mind that does not close your position.