Can metatrader be used as a Trojan / back door application?

I’ve never tried to do this and so I could be talking out the side of my head but I’m going to explain this anyways.

A meta trader program that is distributed as just the executable without the source code I think it’s possible that it could be used as a back door into someone’s computer.

EDIT: AND you would only need to have them check the checkbox that says to allow dll access, which shouldn’t be terribly hard to do with newbies. Lololol…

A meta trader program has the ability to make low level Windows system calls which means that you can do literally anything from your meta trader application. You can read and write all of the files on the hard drive etc etc and you could communicate back home which if this is possible then the metatrader program could be used as a back door into someone’s computer all you’d have to do is deliver them an EX4.

Again I’ve never tried this but I’m a very experienced metatrader programmer and you are most definitely able to make low-level Windows system calls which basically opens the door to anything I think.

I think just for fun I’m going to have to try this to write a basic meta trader program that contains low-level system calls like and allows me to communicate into the box maybe it’ll make a reverse telnet back to me and then basically gives me a Shell access into that person’s computer.

Wouldn’t it be messed up If This were possible?

The only thing that I can think of that would prevent this is there is a checkbox that allows you to allow dlls access otherwise you can’t do this but that’s all you need to do is just to have them check that check box just tell them it has to be checked and you have a back door into their computer I think I could be wrong.

So if I’m not mistaken about this if somebody got you to download and EX4 and you had the checkbox checked that tells it to allow dll system calls then you have a complete absolute control over their computer you could do literally anything you could steal their keystrokes you could sit remotely and end up watching their camera and up reading their microphone anything under the sun.

Someone could easily snag your keystrokes which is going to give them access into your Bitcoin account!!! Bitcoins can be stolen easily when someone knows your password into coinbase or whatever then you can say goodbye to your five bitcoins.

I’m sort of fudging and making this up a little bit but not really… anybody that’s a capable Windows programmer that wants to do this could do it and then your computer and everything on it is compromised. But I don’t personally want to do it it’s not my style.

I’m sure you wanted to know that, right?

The Metaquote Live Update alone is a Backdoor for metaquote itself
they can remotely run a command to do dirt on your PC if they want. they only use it to delete servers whos license have expired for Instance .
So Yes what you said is possible