Can not place pending orders on mt5

Can not place pending orders on mt5

Are you possibly trying to set a stop order where it should be a limit order? (or vice versa)

Or maybe your position size would be too great for your margin, so the platform will not accept such a large order?

There may be tech or connection issues I suppose but I’m not techie, I couldn’t help with these anyway.

i think that you need to explain that more but contacting the support of broker is always the best way since that is their job

Yea more details about your account size and actually trade.

Have you placed pending orders before?

  1. Ensure stable internet connection.
  2. Check account balance.
  3. Verify order parameters.
  4. Confirm market is open.
  5. Update and restart MT5.
  6. Consult broker support if needed.

Bro, the least you could do was to provide more info, how are we supposed to know what the problem is? What are the prices of entry? Phew