Can somebody explain this example?

My teacher in school (of pipsology) shared

Also, one cool thing about forex trading is that you can do it anywhere. It’s just like trading baseball cards. You want that mint condition Mickey Mantle rookie card, so it is up to you to find the best deal out there.

Your colleague might give up his Mickey Mantle card for just a Babe Ruth card, but your best friend will only part with his Mickey Mantle rookie card for your soul.

What’s baseball cards? Mickey Mantle rookie card? Babe Ruth card? I know it’s too silly to ask and can simply ignore this part but I can’t, I’m just curious to know what are these as?
Thank you.

Think Cricket

Still didn’t catch that. :sweat:

Welcome, Arobun! I shall try to answer your question.

It’s an American (as in US, not the rest of North and South America) thing. Baseball is a game, kind of like cricket, but simpler. In days gone by, there were these cards published (by cigarette companies, I think) that featured baseball players, their playing statistics, their picture, what sides they’d played for and all that sort of stuff.

At first it was mostly a thing with kids to collect and trade these cards, and then later some of the rarer ones became valuable enough to catch the attention of adult collectors.

Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth are two famous baseball players, and “rookie” means a new player. So a Mickey Mantle rookie card is a card that was published before he was a famous player, and therefore probably somewhat rare and hard to come by.

I hope this helps!

I’ve been through the School of Pipsology, and found that it was pretty easy to ignore cultural references that didn’t resonate for me. I don’t think I missed anything important. :slight_smile: So if I were you, I’d just plough through these and not worry too much about it. There’s enough stuff to absorb! Happy studying, my friend!


Oh @elenmirie it helps alot. You’ve reminded me this cricket card game to my childhood time. I never remembered that I played those cards, but you brought me there.

Thank you so much for answering my stupid question, really. I was just curious to know the interior/cultural talk because I don’t even like skipping but I got your point better. Again, thank you very much for taking out your precious time, my friend.

I have never seen either a cricket card or a baseball card. I have no idea who Mickey Mantle is. Seems like a teacher who uses examples which are actually more complex than the problem is going to have a pretty poor performance (unless he’s teaching baseball players to trade maybe).

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The Commerce Comet

The Great Bambino

I’m that lonely dumb boy. lol
I end up watching movie few days back, it was fun and I got to know better the baseball players, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Glad you enjoyed the movie!