Can somebody please help me out

is Sucden Financial a good broker guyz?:sunglasses:

Always check out > Sucden Reviews | Sucden Ratings | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army first.

i alwayz do that reason why i cam to ask here is that im seeing 5 stars only not even one negative review ( strange):confused:

Be wary of positive reviews, do some research of your own. Check the regulatory body’s website

FPA not reliable?

First time heard of this broker actually.

The issue I have with any positive reviews, not just fx but other products, is that the people posting the reviews are anonymous strangers. They could be employed by the company they are reviewing or be competition, so how do we know which reviews are unbiased?
Same with Amazon, TripAdvisor, and even here on BP.
You have to learn how to investigate online claims yourself.

Makes sense. Amazon reviews I don’t even trust especially knowing how they are gamed by merchants there. I usually take the aggregate though and decide from there. How do you go about it?