Can someone describes how i should use this comunity?

I know that there are guide lines here and i have seen them but tbh i am too lazy to check that all, so, what are the things allowed or banned here?

Users can offer their experiences, thoughts, and information to assist others in learning about forex trading.
inquiries and Queries: It is normally acceptable to ask inquiries and seek guidance or clarification on trading concepts.
Positive Interaction: Users are urged to interact in a positive and encouraging manner.
Sharing educational tools, articles, and information about forex trading is frequently permitted.
Spam: It is against the rules to post irrelevant or repetitious content, promotional materials, or links to external websites for self-promotion.
Personal assaults, insults, or abusive language directed at other users are typically not accepted.
Plagiarism: It is typically not permitted to copy content from other sources without proper attribution.
Scams and Fraud: It is usually illegal to promote scams, fraudulent schemes, or misleading trading tactics.


Apologies, but as an aside, trading demands full awareness - being lazy is a fast track to blowing accounts. I’ve made mistakes when I am not fully concentrating, and that costs. .

That layer will probably be the first to get peeled on your trading journey.

Thanks a lot mate that was actually what I was looking for. I wish I can return the favor.

Lol actually my journey began a long time ago. and nah, for me being lazy was what pushed me to learn forex and it is yet here :smiley:

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Your journey began a long time ago, and you’re still battling your laziness? Perhaps there is something strong behind your laziness.

Your laziness is a persistent habit. I see two solutions: learn to overcome it by burying it deep, or learn to leverage it in your favor.

If not, it will hinder your growth and potential for the rest of your life.

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I think Baby Pips is one of the most well-liked and user-friendly forex forums. It does not take much time to look around and read all the needed information. This way, you are sure that you have gained all the required information.

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The guidelines here are actually pretty brief and straightforward. Reading them won’t take up too much of your time.

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I’m far too lazy to reply more than this… :crazy_face:

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LOL I feel ya brah, interestingly other people think that a trader can not be lazy, but honestly, being lazy is what made a trader outa me :smiley:

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You’re most welcome buddy😎
There’s no need to return anything. have fun and enjoy the path :wink:.

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Meet peeps with the same interest. Ping off ideas, trade setups, strategies, questions. It’s all good!