Can someone explain the concept of time frame?

What’s the actual meaning of time frame, which of the time frames is the best to trade with… can someone kindly explain the concept of time frame? How does it affects one’s trading? Which is the best to use??

Timeframe is one of the basic concepts of trading theory, and it is one of the most important ones to understand.
Timeframe describes the amount of time necessary to form the lowest element on the chart. For example, if you use candlesticks to visualize the price change, it would take 1 minute for the price to create one candle on the one minute (M1) time frame, and 1 hour for one hour (H1) timeframe respecitvely. The larger is the timeframe, more time it takes to create a candle. It works allmost the same way with other types of charts like bars or lines.
There is no one universal answer to the question of choosing the best timeframe. It would be better to say that it depends on your trading style and the strategy you use. For example, if you are active daytrader, your main timeframes would be M1 and H1, but if you are mostly interested in swing/mid-term trading, it would be better for you to use higher timeframes like H4 or D1. At the same time, despite your particular trading style, it is important to pay attention to various timeframes to be able to see the whole picture and to enter positions with an optimal risk-reward ratio to reduce risk and increase your profit potential.

Not sure if you’ve read this before, but this might help! :smiley:

Thanks for replying I’m gradually understudy the concept of time frame, so within a time frame what really happens in a circle of a time frame?? Or in other words how do I know a time frame is complete? Is it I have to wait for the time to elapse or what? What really happens??

Choose whatever time frame works best for you, however you’ll eventually discover a decade from now, all alone, after losing so much, that time in the markets is deceitful because it’s a human construct existing outside of the market. The market doesn’t know what time is. Does time move the market? NO… it is price action, the series of numbers moving up and down on your screen running through 0-9. It’s the authentic variable in the market used for anyone to quantify and create a working strategy or system. Everybody thinks about what’s the best thing in a subject like time but don’t think about eliminating the whole subject of time because that’s what makes everyone lose…

This is an individual approach. Could you say more about how you trade and how well it has worked and about your journey to reach the stage where you are in trading?

Well; you need to work with the multiple time frames first; then need to follow the best one according to your performance!

Thanks so much, I think you’ve done a good job in explaining the concept… I understand to some extent now… I will like to know about it or is this all there is to it??

What happens if you open a trade and leave it open for several hours? Will the broker charge more spread? Or what?? Or they will close the trade on one’s behalf??

Its good opinion.
As we know that market discount everythings.
Its means that price will be move base on one of frame its self.
For example d1 down, h4 down, h1 up, m15 up and m5 down …then market will be down fist till the target (support of m5) after that back move up till the target of m15 and h1. Cause h4 down and d1 down, market will be up awhile and limited target or temporary up. If any news or rumors will be reason market will be down quickly on the floor.
Then trader will be ask how come? Its divergence bullish on h1 and i buy on spot but market down!!! How come!!!.…the answer is because d1 going down so h1 will up for temporary and not stable.

Both, long term and short term time frames are having their own pros and cons, it is on trader that what kind of trading he is going to do and earning.