Can someone recomand me a good forex trading course or system


I`ve been looking at steve nison candlestick re-igninted and Chris Capres Price action trading course.Wich is the best or do you know others wich are better?
Thank you


[B]First choice[/B] (free!)
[B]Second choice - Brooks Trading Course[/B]

[U]Simple, reliable systems for those with the skills to trade them[/U]:

[B]First choice[/B]
[B]Second choice[/B]

[U]Books[/U] (don’t underestimate how important and helpful these can be, and don’t let impatience and/or desire to find “information” online mislead you about that, either: these three all contain hugely valuable information that [U]isn’t[/U] easily accessible on websites):

[I]Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom[/I] - Van K. Tharp
[I]Beyond Technical Analysis[/I] - Tushar S. Chande
[I]Profitability and Systematic Trading[/I] - Michael Harris

Good luck!

Arrent you alexa smith from the warrior forum?

If you search for The Inner Circle Trader, he has a website with several free courses (all his teachings are free) and I believe his teachings are gold. I like Chris Capre as well, and have purchased a course from him. In my opinion, the best understanding of the financial markets is the work if ICT.

I believe you must have factual reasons before inferring that those books were the best; so why would you seek random opinions from persons who (most probable) have never at anytime tried your books in order to give objective recommendations.

I suggest to stick to your books and pretend (this at times is a good thing) that there isn’t any material better out there. My take is that the best workman isnt one with the best tool, but one that knows how to use his tool best (or something like that :D).

Have a pipful weekend!

If you understand the basics then hands-down the best info on Babypips are the Technical Templates threads:

These are gems which should be stickied but aren’t and are now hidden away where nobody sees them anymore probably. They’re not some holy grail systems but if you’re willing to use your brain they’ll give you a professional template which you can apply in practice to good effect.

Understanding candlesticks is very important if you want to be profitable, so Steve Nison is a must. Check out Alexander Elder as well.

Hi, bogdanm2! Have you already tried one of this courses or else? Do you have any reviews?