Can Teenagers Make Money ,Trading Forex

Is there Any Teen trading on Baby Pips?

Hey there! I started trading as a teenager, had a bunch of ups and downs at that time since I was also trying to finish school. Are you a teenager?

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Yeah I’m 18 I have been trading for about 2 years now when , what agar did you start and what where some of your successes and what are some of your failurs trading as a teen and what sort I experience did gain or

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Lol, I don’t think age should be a barrier. If you can follow a set of rules and are able to demonstrate patience and discipline in your trading then age is irrelevant. One could even argue the younger you start your trading / trading education…the better because (certainly from my experience) younger clients don’t have as many preconceived ideas/bad habits as those who’ve been “around the block” and back again for years!!

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yes of course

Teen here!, I’m currently 16 and started trading around 15. So i’d say its been a crazy year, but I’m loving it and always keen to learn more things day by day in Forex.

Good luck to all of the teen traders… I think if you can hone those skills at a young age then it will probably help you with some matters later in life. I believe that teens could possibly out trade people of my age (in my thirties) with similar experience as the teens havent developed certain fears that come with experience in life and I know they learn much quicker. I dont however promote underage trading though as I think trading could easily become a problem for some… but then again I guess that could happen to people of all ages.

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yes teenagers can make money in forex and moreover if they understand the market well, they could turn trading forex as their career…

I think anybody can make money in forex regardless of age, as long as you know the basics and got some experience in trading.

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Hey libertySilver here! Im 18 years old I have been trading for 2 years now started with $25
ITS been up and down i turn $25 to over $200/ $300 every week some times i profit some times i have to start all over again , i use various strategies with bollinger bands rsi,fibonacci retracement, I I think Age Dose Matter In Somethings like being patient not getting to cought up in the money, its very very easy for teens more a less anybody to pick up a gambling habit trading, i just think maturity plays the key role in this, but if your young focused and doing what you love like me witch is trading the possibility’s are endless just have to focus on the pips and your trading

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I say teens can why not??! plus given your profits thats not even bad

Really depends on the teenager’s ability to exercise patience, discipline and continued effort.

It’s like school - those who put in the effort and try to learn continuously will be those that succeed.

Others can still do fine, but if they put more effort in, they’d do better.

Finally, those who just blindly throw their money at trades just lose their money! lol

good job then, i wished i know trading since i was teenagers, i m 27 now, just starting to leanr, hope its not to late

Any teens trading on this thread ?

Teen age is good for learning .It is thought that in teen age traders can not manage amounts well .I do not agree . Now most of the traders are students who do forex as part time job.When they will loose they can learn a lesson and next time surely they will do proper steps to avoid loss .

I’m 17, started learning stock trading when I was 15, now I’m interested in learning forex, due to the ability to trade for 24 hrs, allows a nice flexible schedule. I’m planning on one day turning this useful skill, into a profitable occupation.

[QUOTE=“Coolbudz223;616225”]I’m 17, started learning stock trading when I was 15, now I’m interested in learning forex, due to the ability to trade for 24 hrs, allows a nice flexible schedule. I’m planning on one day turning this useful skill, into a profitable occupation.[/QUOTE]

I started about 16/17 I’m almost 19 now I wish you the best and try and do as much reaseach as you can and study the markets. a lot of problems I went through when I first started is controlling my emotions , & Learning how to take a loss and learning how to take a winning it’s very easy to get Cought up in the markets . But I really like forex it changed my life to be honest probably one of the best investments / business I came across

Some says Forex trading is illegal in India for all and now you talking about tens, it is not advisable that teens should do trading, they should do study.

Thank you, and dude I totally agree. I am still trying to learn to control my emotions, it is pretty tough. Sometimes when I know I’m losing I don’t even want to login into my account, and when I’m winning I can’t wait to login. So its something I’m working on but I am improving. You have to really disconnect yourself from the money. One of the toughest things for me though is picking a strategy and sticking with it. I’ve lately been trying to get a broad amount of knowledge in different techniques but specialize on only a few. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m trying to develop my own specialized trading plan. Just wondering, have you found that specializing is more profitable or trying to learn a little of everything? What trading tools have you found most powerful, and in what situations? Thanks for your reply, I’m excited and encouraged that there are more young people like me learning this incredible profession. Forget social studies, we should learn this in high school, lol.