Can Trading be considered a creative work?

I know many people who think of trading as something boring and rigid. Well, it can be liked that because there is a science to it. But I have also read that trading is an art more than science because it’s still gives you room to improvise.


If we go by the definition of Albert Einstein, I think trading can be considered a creative work :thinking: What you say? Trading has a lot to do with technicalities but still it’s more flexible.In the end we are free to devise our own strategy and follow a unique trading style. Just curious to know what you guys think about it :blush:


When I read it, I got to thinking “what is considered not creative?” anything can be creative, depends on how you look at it. :thinking: what things are not creative? the more I think, more things are one way or another creative it seems.


It’s a creative pursuit, in the sense that it requires a lot of intelligence and intuitive flair to get good at it. But what is a trader getting good at? The trader is putting enormous amounts of his time and effort into learning how Big Money financial parasites think, in order than he may follow the big parasite’s path, feeding off the detritus of Smart Money’s ongoing feeding frenzies.

So in that sense, whilst trading might be an intellectually creative pursuit, it is not in and off itself a spiritually rewarding pursuit, and it renders no service or benefit to society…not the RBS, HSBC, JPMorgan trading desks nor the astute retailer trading from their home office. Trading is all about taking. Therefore, it is important that a trader has other, more positive, and more giving outlets in their life.

If you allow trading, and profits from trading to become an end in and of themselves, which is easily done by anyone who has the mad obsessive compulsiveness to actually get to the required level, you will be inviting a lot of dissatisfaction into your life.

Whilst it could be said that Trading is a form of ‘creative art’, it would also have to be said that it is a bit of a dark art.


Hmm…I think of it as a combination. There is science behind it but it also allows for some creativity in the way we think and go about it. Never thought about it like this before.

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Exactly! I guess everything and anything can be mundane or creative based on how we look at them😊

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Thank you for your valuable insights and Dark art is surely an interesting term :blush: But just wondering if forex trading really does not benefit society at all :thinking: I always thought it boosts the economy in a way and people getting an opportunity to be self employed. Also there are many people employed in the forex industry. So, there is flow of money, income opportunities and generation of wealth taking place as the result of trading in the forex market.

Yes, it can be creative at times I guess :blush: Also there is a book called ‘The art of currency trading’. It also covers the topic of behavioural finance. It was an engaging read and could be connected to the creative aspect of trading in a way.

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Forex exists to enrich the banks who control the market, and of course to facilitate the exchange of one national currency for another, but most importantly to enrich the banks. They enrich themselves, by moving the markets over which they have full price control, against the aggregate of their client positions.

That is how it works.

Financial parasitism.

Sure, it can provide the hope of financial freedom to the little man who doesn’t want to work for the man no more, and even actually provide that ‘escape route’ for the 2% of all retail traders who can actually master the art. But the name of the game is parasitism. There is no service being provided. No product being created. No added value being given. Speculation, is the act of looking to enter into some financial contract, with the aim of fleecing money from the market, which ultimately means fleecing that money from someone else. That applies to dumb money and smart money alike, except that the smart money has all the cards stuffed up their sleeves…and they can see dumb money’s cards. That is what makes them ‘Smart’. All other participants who are in the market for speculative purposes are basically, whether they realise it or not, are trying to ride on the coat tails of the smart money as the smart money pushes the market around, in the daily churn of making as many market participants lose as they possibly can.

If you are going to get into this game. You are going to have to learn to accept that fact at some point.

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THIS. This has always been my concern about this space. And I think I’ve posted a few questions here about that and I’ve been told traders help by consuming stuff and therefore helping the economy… Which I suppose can work but if you compare this craft to other professions like medicine or maybe even being in the food industry, what do we really make aside from money? :sweat_smile:

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Something every trader needs to come to terms with one way or another…

…cos as funny as it sounds, something in you ‘knows’ that there is something about what you are doing that is inherently wrong…perhaps something to do with the personal tragedies that invariably consist of a certain portion of every profit taken from the market, which perhaps on some level, we connect with?

I think if you get proficient at taking in this way, you definitely need to get proficient at giving in another way, and that can be something as simple as providing for family. But a trader needs a genuinely positive outlet in their life.


We now live in a world where anything can be considered as art or an artform

This actually makes a lot of sense. At the end of the day we all are here to speculate and make money.

Surely, we can’t compare trading to other professions or even artistic professions. It’s more like something we do for our own good and that’s it :sweat_smile:

That’s a bitter truth I guess. But still any source of income is acceptable as long as you are not directly harming others for earning.

I guess :sweat_smile: Think different is the new slogan and creativity is the number one motto :joy:

I heard a story (from a legit source) about IC Markets (or it may have been IG Markets), which is a retail Forex Broker, and of course retail Forex brokers tend to divide their clients into an A List and a B List, with the vast majority being on the B List, whose trades the brokerage does not back up in the market, and simply takes the opposite side off.

When a client would lose a particularly large amount of money perhaps blowing up a £50K account, a bell would ring in the office space, to celebrate the fact that someone somewhere had just lost a small fortune. Perhaps the lion share of their pension nest egg.

That is the reality of this dog eats dog industry, where inevitable retail account blow ups are the bread n butter of every retail brokerages bottom line, which provide the opportunity for the profitable few to trade these markets and turn a buck.

And of course, with the profits gleaned from unprofitable traders, or perhaps even profitable traders who have a meltdown one day (cos lets face it, total disaster is never more than a temper tantrum and a mouse click away), the broker can pay out any profits to those nuisance traders on their books, who actually turn a buck (providing they aren’t already on the A-list and having their positions backed in the real market).

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Ha. That makes it even more grim lol

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Geeeeeez. I have no words.

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I do not completely agree with the statement that you should be ready to loose all your investments in stocks. It is not that volatile. It is a good and stable source of investment in the long run

Yes, crypto is a different story but mutual funds do give good returns in the long run. Don’t be making foolish investments in hyped up stocks or new IPOs.

The link given above has some really good advice. Check out point number 7 about dollar price averaging which means keep investing little money on regular intervals irrespective of market situation.

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It just made me think about something I read a while ago. “Doctors wish that more people get sick, lawyers wish that more people get in legal trouble, mechanics wish that more cars break down, while a thief wishes more people get rich.” :joy: