Can we catch a few crumbs from the Table?

In another thread @Dennis3450 wrote this ;

The intention of this thread is to try to identify what some of the “big Boys” are up to - what they are buying and where they are putting their emphasis.

It is not really intended to be politically partisan - just investigating whether we can infer anything from our observations and whether that can give us a bias with regard to what actions we could take with regard to Investing in stocks, Shares - Property etc - whatever implications we can glean.

DISCLAIMER ! - This is a discussion thread for discussion and OPINIONS Only - NO ADVICE Whatever is to be given and posts should not be regarded as ADVICE - Howsoever they may be phrased - Thank you !

The Floor is now open :slightly_smiling_face:

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Look no further than Oil and Gas Exploration, this sector has lost money 3 years in a row, but following bidens election price is up 75%, and it is by far the top sector so far in 2021

This price action can all be traced to biden canceling the Keystone pipeline


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Expect rising prices in 2021 - many reasons why businesses are are increasing prices - short term is shipping/transportation (there is a huge deficiency in container availability right now - ( some hope that the current 2 week Chinese holiday may redress that a little.)

Commodity prices are on the rise as witnessed by the CRB - energy following suit - and it’s not down to a pipe-line.

So is the risk of negative rates gone?

Yep - won’t happen - unless a new variant that is super resilient emerges.

Why Oil Will Keep Rising In 2021 |

Edit: google “shortage of shipping containers” to get a sense.

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Interesting and thanks @Dennis3450 - I wonder why bidens election triggerred that move as it seems to have ? - When he is fully compliant with the “Global Warming Agenda”

Many (Well at least Nigel Farage’s Advert) are advocating investing in “green Energy” and we hear that some of teh Big Boys already have to the tune of MANY Millions, so why should Oil be the riser ?

Ok so we have Massive power outages in Texas due to the cold and we already know that winter cold kills 20,000 old people in the UK every winter because they cannot afford to keep warm - but why Oil is increasing ?

We are also told that Gates is heavily into “greenyness” and will be putting his considerable weight behind the fantasy and Elon Musk is already heavy in this kind of stuff with his Electric Cars etc - but did we know that ;

Even before that cancellation Warren Buffett is heavily invested in teh Us Railroad which connects to the Canada Oil - and Bill Gates is heavy in (and still buying) the Canada End of the Railroad deals ?

We also know that Gates is heavy in Agricultural Land (1/4 million acres !) which some say he is buying in order to claimm the “re-wilding Grants” almost certain to be intruduced in response to the demand for CArbon Taxes and the potential to offset “Carbon Credits” against Carbon Taxes from his other enterprises.

As you may know I have long been looking for a reasonable way to “Short” this “Global Warming stuff”

Then I came across this ;

Now we have an actual forecast which is checkable and which is short-term enough for us all to see the fallacy with our own eyes as the new “Minimum” starts last year and continues until 2053 according to the maths !

Certainly IF it is true (and my belief is that it IS ) - we shall know by the end of HER (Harris) presidency and it will be becoming more and more difficult for them to maintain the fiction!

So it seems “Invest in Green ASAP” - then bale out and get back into Fossil fuels etc asap. ?

Note what she says about 2028-2032 - which may see Gates “opening up” his Agricuture holdings again ?

Popcorn Anyone ? :wink:

I have seen Analyses equating this “greeny-stuff” to Prohibition where every state bar one voted for it - nobody expecting it to actually “Go through” and the results of that may just serve as a precursor for this one !

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Question is has the bond market reached the same conclusion - thus the rising yields - see the huge spike down just now (on price).

The taper tantrum of 2013 coming back up ahead?


Dunno Peter but It has a long way to go before it gets back to Historical Lows recorded before 2012 !

I’m expecting Interest Rates to hike and Mortgage defaults - cheap housing ahead ?

Definitely time to get out of debt - if you can !

Anyone know of a Broker you can trade this kind of stuff on ? I fancy copper and a sell on lean hogs ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Aye - could be a bumpy road in the short term - stocks down tonight - throw in the mix of the minimum wage thing.

PCE price index tomorrow for US - if it shows signs of inflation, maybe it’s a little early for that but sellers are on a hair trigger right now.

Anyways, interesting times.

Well having seen biden’s $2T “package” - it is pretty clear that what we have suspected for some years now is real !

All the reports I’ve seen just say it’s the Gimmedats paying back their owings to those who got them elected - Big Tech and the Oligarchs! et al

The $2000 each for the US citizens would show in those figures as something like $600Bn and it’s clearly not there ! - so the little people are to get bugger all ! - And yet they seem to have completely forgotten that they are entitled to expect a “windfall” at all !

The poor senile fool has made promises which he intends to renege upon to all those who “voted” FOR him and is intending to raise the taxes on those who voted against by 33 1/3%

So I think we have to accept that “democracy” is now so compromised that we cannot expect anything meaningful from it.

We all know instinctively that the world has gone mad ! - When biological men are allowed to dominate women’s sport - surely we must suspect something !

When we are all now suddenly so “racist” that simnply to be white is a hate crime against “blacks” - just when we had come so close to a co-operative and unbiased world.

When “white men need not apply” is a recognised and accepted job description.

When “Asians” need to score 10% higher marks than whites and 20% more than Blacks to get into the most prestigious Universities !

When 1 million white English Girls have been raped and trafficked by a certain Religious / Ethnic group in the UK and the feminists are silent ? - Yet they scream and demand retribution about a (dubious at best) “Rape Culture” in Universities.

When all of the little boys in Australian Schools are FORCED to “apologise” in front of the whole School in Assembly - for the crime of being born with a penis !

When purely natural and organic substances essential to life are classified as “Demonic gasses”

When …

etc etc etc etc …

Then there is something wrong !

Now the idiocracy is now so self apparent that it really can no longer be considered as “accidental” and yet at the same time - it cannot really be considered a “Conspiracy” - because it is simply too big !

So perhaps we need to look at History ? - please bear with me - this is NOT supposed to be political thread - it is intended to put our feet on the pedals to personal gain and profit !

However - it is important I believe to consider where the human race was 400 years ago !

The world was ruled by Kings, Queens, Emperors, and Caesars - who extracted money directly from their “Serfs” in the form of “taxes”

Behind these dictators was a varied system of “religious Leaders” who backed and confirmed the “right” of these dictators to “rule” - in recompense - they were approved by the dictators and allowed to extract their own “tribute” from both the “serfs” and indeed the “Nobillity” in the form of “collection plates” and “Tithes”. - It was highly disapproved of for people to fail to attend for their weekly “indoctrination session” twice on a Sunday (their only “day of rest”) and perhaps even a third time to completely indoctrinate the children by way of “Sunday School”

SO church and State worked hand in hand to subjugate the “Plebians” and keep them happy in the knowledge that all would be “set right” when they died. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that is quite important because what I am about to link to is quite light in that aspect - but his very brief analysis of 400 years or so in 15 minutes is highly creditable !

I will contend here that we are experiencing a concerted effort to use the “Postmodernist narrative” to return us to a Pre-Enlightenment era !

Now they cannot do that with simple force (Although biden seems to think we can ! )

The favoured method methinks is for the protagonists to accumulate huge amounts of wealth and to subjugate everyone else through the power that brings along !

Now who exactly will become “Kings” and who will occupy “Religious leaders” spots - remains to be seen and that is a battle for the future, which none of us will be able to any great degree.

However, we CAN see what “they” are buying" and “accumulating” - and provided there are some mirrors in the public domain, we can perhaps follow and grow wealthy ?

It actually seem sthat since biden has gone all “anti - carbon” - the prices of Oil and Lumber have gone completely wappy !

We know Gates is buying farmland with water access and setting up “fake meat” factories - So maybe there is something to learn and a few crumbs to be gleaned there ? :slightly_smiling_face:

[Note :- we cannot in reality attack with “Leverage” these decisions - There is no “technical” stuff which would help greatly apart perhaps for a little timing. - This stuff is ALL FUNDAMENTAL ! - All the ideas in the first section can be shorted - but Jeez - WHEN they wil come good - is a total unknown so one has to be leveraged at 1:1 ie Own the shares ! ]

Trading and investments are your own choices so you don’t have anyone to blame.

It’s good to be updated on what other traders, especially the successful ones for that matter are up to apart from forex.

There may be a chance for someof us to get in early on this one ! - Normally - Uk inventions then get developed by the rest of teh world (usually USA) - That doesn’t matter to us - provided we can grab a few shares - Long term probably and “risky too” - but well - if we can get in cheap enough - why not ?

It will be a difficult path of course - because it IS a “technological innovation” and as such the Luddite Greenies will absolutely hate it !


OK we are banned from thinking it seems - What a surprise - it’s still there - just not “Woke” :roll_eyes:


Jeff Taylor The power of Brexit! UK takes on cutting edge nuclear fusion technology.

We have the highest Electricity Proces in Europe and Yesterday had to switch on 2 “Emergency” Coal Power Stations - owned by French firm EDF at enormous cost to those of us payibg electricity bills

Germany has quietly been switching back to coal and Gas

Time perhaps to be scaling in to Traditional Energy Sources ?

Interesting - at first they talked about alternative energy, now in the reverse order?

The problem is that all this information about monetary expansion has been already incorporated in asset prices. You need to predict the next development of events regarding fiscal stance and Fed decisions to make a successful bet. It’s not easy because there are market expectations which are also priced in and your guess should be better than the guess of major market participants