Can you find Ukraine on a map - fun little game

Give it a shot. Some of the selection are definitely interesting.


This thread is worth reviving. haha

I got it on the fourth try. I was in the right zone. I guessed wrong on Belarus, and Latvia I think.

I was so close! I feel like such a fool when I can’t locate or identify countries.

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Stop :grinning: you are confirming a little prejudice that some of us europeans have of americans:

Just an example:
“It’s no secret that our American friends aren’t the brightest when it comes to knowledge of geography. In 2012, for example, presidential candidate Mitt Romney stunned on camera by saying that Syria was Iran’s connection to the sea.”

Article is called “Where geographical underexposure can lead”

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haha yup. But my guesses were all in the same region. I was slightly too far north. I wasn’t guessing near Kazakhstan–I was near Belarus. I should get some credit for that! haha

But I’d love to see how many Europeans can find Laos or Togo on the first try…

Actually, @Worker_Bee Try to find Togo, and let me know how many tries it took you. No cheating!

OMG, OMG, OMG! First try. But I have to admit it was only luck. I was going along the african border and exluded the countries I know. My wife wants to make the test, too. I will share her result in a moment. She was laughing at me because I was thinking loud and at one point I was asking myself if Togo is a little island state.

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My wife had it on her first try, too. But we are professionaly engaged with migration, so maybe we aren’t representative for an ordinary european.

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We both got Laos on the first try, too. Give us something harder dushimes :smiley:

Edit: I think you could get us with some federal states in the US.


this is the thing - you can catch Europeans easily with US state geography, i think - i only realised how central and how far North Missouri is the other day: i had it down, mentally, for some reason as a “deep South” state and it’s nothing of the kind


This wasn’t how I was expecting this conversation to go…haha

Oh ok. I feel a little better, now. haha

But I’m afraid I may still fall into your stereotype of Americans. I do appreciate this game, though. I spent some time just testing myself about other countries–it’s fun!

To be honest, though, I have more interest in foreign countries than in the US. I can probably locate more foreign countries that states in USA.

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And this shows that you are not falling into this stereotype of americans.

My wife challenges you to find Jordan, btw. Maybe I have to tell her to create her own account for this game :laughing:

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I found Jordan on my 7th guess. Oh god…I started off by looking at Turkey and Iran. Then I knew where Iraq was. I assumed Jordan was farther east. I was trying hard to remember the shape of Jordan, and nothing came to mind.

I was thinking it’s NOT next to Israel. So, my first guesses turned out to be Oman, then I got angry and went further west and nope…Yemen…

This is like trading badly. Just guesses.

There! You two happy now?! haha. You guys got me good with that one.

Ok. My turn…

Where’s Borneo?

Feel free to work together.


Ok. You kind of got me :smiley:

I know Borneo as one of Indosesias biggest islands, because of the rainforest there, so I directly pointed on Malaysia and next on Brunei. Then I was amazed that I had it wrong and pointed on Papua New Guinea and on the Philippines, lol. I then I thought: No, there is something off and looked it up.

Borneo is not a country, but the island itself. It was a trick question :wink: I wonder if my wife will directly refuse to answer it.

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I know of Borneo because long ago I saw a documentary about the rainforests there. I couldn’t even find it on the map. I thought it was a country until about two hours ago. Joke’s on me!

mic drop


I asked her to find Borneo. She pointed on Brunei and Malaysia and then her suspicion rose. I told her when she pointed on the philipines after a long time of thinking, because markets are about to open :grinning:

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