Can you guide me which broker can receive signal from provide both signal on platform mt4 and mt5, but I don’t know which broker can receive signal, I’m playing with but it can’t receive signal

Hi Bexiu,

FXCM supports MT4, but not MT5. Up to this point, we haven’t seen significant demand from traders for MT5. Was there a particular feature that interested you in MT5 that you couldn’t find on the platforms FXCM offers?

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I have researched about this Signal service of MetaQuotes team. And I found out it supports a lot of brokers. I think you should come to to find a broker in their signal list site. And this topic should be renamed to “Which broker CANNOT receive MQL5 signal?”.

Moreover, please note that don’t type your broker name in the search field, you should use the name of broker’s server, example:
Can’t believe there is no HotForex in the list of Brokers for Signals - MQL5 forum

Thanks for tip - your question - because I discovered where I made mistake. I was typing Brokers name, but I had to type Brokers server name (and that’s different). Now I solve the problem.