Can you really trade forex for a living?

Do you know anyone trading forex for a living? People who only have forex as their sole source of income.

Not so sure.

If you’re well trained and have a big enough account balance to trade there shouldn’t be any reason you can’t.

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Absolutely! Trading forex for a living is possible with skill, knowledge, discipline, and a solid strategy. It requires learning, adaptability, risk management, and a passion for the market’s potential. While not guaranteed, success is attainable with dedication and the right approach. Stay focused and trade wisely!


yes, i know many people fitting that description (almost all former institutional traders) but they’re all trading forex futures, not spot forex or CFD’s

the point is that nobody with the skills, experience and capital to be able to make a full-time living from it would choose to stick with spot forex/CFD’s for the long term, all the very few who actually can earn a full-time living this way eventually switch to trading forex futures instead, so that their broker is on their side, the commissions are lower, there aren’t any spreads, all brokers have exactly the same prices, and they’re trading in a well regulated, completely transparent and honest market

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Hey buddy! Can you give some brokers into futures maybe i can check them up if they accept Nigerian clients?

AMP, Tradovate and NinjaTraderBrokerage are all ok (there are loads - it’s not a “minefield” like spot/CFD brokers - they’re all well regulated, by comparison, otherwise the exchanges wouldn’t allow them to trade)

i don’t know whether your location will be a problem for them, sorry

I checked AMP up and here’s my result. Will look others up.

sorry to hear it - i hope you can find one

Anyone can make a living from forex if they use a consistent strategy which they can execute and which has known profitability.

The size of that living is determined by multiplying the return per year by the profitability of the strategy.

So the only problem now is to find that strategy…


Sure. There are lots of people whose jobs are trading forex.

certainly there are

but they’re not trading spot forex against counterparty market-makers - not one of them! - that would make no sense at all

they’re either trading at interbank (if employees) or trading forex futures (if independent)

from any place in the world anyone can make a living from Forex , this is a very simple issue but the main challenge is how to survive here successfully , because this market is really confusing and very few can predict it with certainly.

Right. I’m of the same opinion.

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Many traders around the world are trading forex professionally and Forex is their only way of earning. Even I know some traders too.

Before you start trading in the morning

A few hours later.

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No brother, many traders around the world are trading forex as their only source of earning.

I know. My reply is for this,

I don’t really know people who does that for a living, but i believed they exist. I’m only close to those who trade stocks & options for a living.

this is true but this percentage is very minor , majority of Forex trader take this platform as their part time job.

that is a good question my friend
can you really be a writer for living? can you really be a designer for living?
i think answer here is yes
just trust the way if you think you can be a good trader you an mak it your job
but do not risk it right now and wait for the good time i mean do not quit your job now wait to when you make enough profits