Can you tell me how to work an "execution only" platform?

I am playing telephone tag today with the broker I am interviewing and there is something I do not understand about their platform.

First, I’ve been a MetaTrader girl since the beginning of time, so all I know is that when I am ready to close a position I just click on a bar in MT to close the position.

This other platform I’m looking at is simply an “execution only” platform. I would post a pic of it but I would really want the permission of the company before posting anything on the Internet. I’m just weird that way.

So for this “execution only” platform all you do is just place buy and sell orders on it. I placed a SELL order on the EUR/USD (demo of course) and now how do I close it when I am ready? On MT I just click a bar to close the order. How do I close an order on an “execution only” platform?


Edit: I spoke with the broker. I understand it now. :cool: