Can you tell me where can I find data on delisted company stocks?

Hi, fellows!
I am interested in delisted stocks. I want to obtain such data from somewhere. Do you know if companies publish the amount of delisted stocks in filings submitted to SEC or can I find such data somewhere else?
I would appreciate your help a lot. :slight_smile:

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Have a look here. Might give you what you need. You can view by year, which is great. Also, you can filter by spinoffs, acquisitions and acquisitions.

If you click through on the listing, you can go to the Profile section and view recent SEC filings. Withdrawals should be listed there, with click-throughs to the SEC archives, and ultimately to their EDGAR system for company filings.

Thanks a lot, BillyBobPimpton!! :)))
I appreciate. I will check what you have posted here.

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