Canadian looking for a international broker

I live in British Columbia, Canada and have been with IC Markets for the last 2 years. I just got an email from then saying they are shutting down all Canadian account due to laws and regulations in Canada… I know Canada is the worst place on earth to try to trade forex (Canadian brokers will not give over 1:50 leverage)
My question is… Does anybody know of international brokers that are still accepting Canadian clients and are trustworthy? any help is much appreciated, need to find a broker with close to 1:500 leverage. Thanks.

i am living in BC too, and i’ve been using USG for the past couple of years, never get any notification yet, and their account manager said they have not heard anything about the shutting down canadian account. and they do offer 1:500 leverage.

Same situation here, traded with pepperstone stone until they closed my account in may and then switched to IC Markets and now they are done with BC Canadians also.

BlackBull Markets takes Canadians but I have not heard much about them

I am too looking for a 500 leverage broker who has 0 spread on ECN accounts. A bonus would be if they have a CAD account type.

Hey, I suggest to all, If you have a time then by doing research on the internet maybe you can find a reliable and trustworthy broker, and before choosing any broker check reviews and reputation on different sites


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