Candle Patterns in Forex World

Hello Forex Gods out there,

I have been doing quite some research on Candle Patterns as little programmer idiot inside me itching me to write a reasonable indicator which helps me guiding to take trades. EA is far ahead for now and I am concentrating only on reasonable indicator. BabyPips educational resource is good for providing some patterns atleast but i am trying document all of the available patterns so i can start working on Indicator. I have to admit that i gathered some patterns from current exisiting indicators(mql code base) even though they fail to recognize or irrelevant to forex i guess. I am listing out what i have gathered so far and i request everyone here to add their inputs to those whether they belong to forex world or just stock trading. Please add if anything are missing. I hope this post will act as good resource for newbies.
Here are the list:
Four Price Doji
High Wave
Long Legged Doji
Inverted Umbrella
White Spinning Top
Black Spinning Top
Small White Candle
Small Black Candle
White Candle
Black Candle
Bearish Dark Cloud Cover
Bearish Kicking Pattern
Bearish Abandoned Baby
Bearish Evening Star
Bearish Evening Doji Star
Bearish 3 Black Crows
Bearish 3 Inside Down
Bearish 3 Outside Down
Bearish Upside Gap 2 Crows
Bearish Dragonfly Doji
Bearish Long Legged Doji
Bearish Engulfing
Bearish Gravestone Doji
Bearish Doji Star
Bearish Harami Cross
Bearish Meeting Lines
Bearish Advance Block
Bearish Deliberation
Bearish Tri Star
Bearish 2 Crows
Bearish Breakaway
Bearish Belt Hold
Bearish Hanging Man
Bearish Shooting Star
Bearish Harami
Bearish Falling 3 Methods
Bearish In Neck
Bearish On Neck
Bearish Downside Gap 3 Methods
Bearish Downside Tasuki Gap
Bearish Side By Side White Lines
Bearish Seperating Lines
Bearish Thrusting
Bearish 3 Line Strike
Long Black Candle
Black Marubozu
Black Closing Marubozu
Black Opening Marubozu
Bullish Piercing Line
Bullish Kicking Pattern
Bullish Abandoned Baby
Bullish Morning Doji Star
Bullish Morning Star
Bullish 3 Inside Up
Bullish 3 Outside Up
Bullish 3 White Soldiers
Bullish Concealing Baby Swallow
Bullish Dragonfly Doji
Bullish Long Legged Doji
Bullish Engulfing
Bullish Gravestone Doji
Bullish Doji Star
Bullish Harami Cross
Bullish Homing Pigeon
Bullish Matching Low
Bullish Meeting Lines
Bullish Stick Sandwich
Bullish 3 Star in the South
Bullish Tri Star
Bullish Unique 3 River Bottom
Bullish Breakaway
Bullish Ladder Bottom
Bullish Belt Hold
Bullish Hammer
Bullish Inverted Hammer
Bullish Harami
Bullish Side By Side White Lines
Bullish Mat Hold
Bullish Rising 3 Methods
Bullish Upside Gap 3 Methods
Bullish Upside Tasuki Gap
Bullish Seperating Lines
Bullish 3 Line Strike
Long White Candle
White Marubozu
White Closing Marubozu
White Opening Marubozu
3 Buddha Pattern
Reverse 3 Buddha Pattern


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Thank you for this huge list! It was a great job :o it is really useful for newbie like me)) And how do you think are all of them important or we can allocate the most fundamental and basic among them?

Yes, that is just the point.


In charts, we can’t expect which candlestick pattern is going to happen. If you know many of the candles patterns it will be helpful for you. You also need to combine other factors such as support and resistance to identify the trade.

  • Jim @ Wetalktrade

Isn’t it amazing that, as humans, we need to label everything. Sorry to burst your bubble bro but candlestick patterns are pretty easy to code and hold no special powers. And putting bear or bull in front does noting either.

Ok I got most of that list down , now could someone tell me what does the silver dot on the green candlestick in live trading signify.

So can you tell me what the silver dot on the green candlestick in MT4 during active trading signifies