Candle stick patterns school teacher

Hi all if you want questions answered about candle stick patterns just ask . I thought I’d make a thread to teach patterns

Candle stick patterns are in reality

3 bars
4 bars
And two bars

The 4 bars is the trend

3 bars is counter trend

Two bars are support and resistance

Always enter trade after 2 bar red candle support

Two bar green candies are more volatile

Any questions just ask

So, would you sat that a single bar doji is not a pattern? and also would you explain what you mean about what you exactly mean by trend and counter trend?

No single bar dojo is not a pattern to follow here

A strong trend is 4 red candles or 4 green candles

The counter trend would be 3 green candles , and three red candles

So say you want to find a bullish trend well what you would do is look for 2 support red candles followed buy three counter trend red candles followed buy the trend 4 green candles

And if you really want to confirm it as long as they are aligned, see if the first line of candles over 4 batrs is green

Ethereum right now has a bearish set up if we look at 16:15 two support candles
Then it has 3 counter trend green candles then 4 trend red candles and the first bars over 4 is red
It’s time to enter sell on ethereum

And as we can see ethereum dropping :+1:

You don’t need any of that, just read Bulkowski, he’s done all the work for you, has more experience than you, is better at it than you, and provided all the probabilities for every combination, the fact no one ever mentions his work is just everyone reinventing the wheel with no benefit whatsoever.

Bulkowoski does not have these combinations and does not separate into 3 2 and 4 bars

This is my own system I developed no one else’s it’s called the sienna system

And I am now the best forex trader he’s not better than me watch gold and Aud chf tumble next week

Sure, except I have been doing this a lot longer and more successfully than you, everything is already known in the markets.

“New” is fine if you are trading against retail, but today institutions leave very little on the table which they haven’t absorbed, tracking smart money is the way to go and that is using what is known to work.

Unfortunately most retail don’t have access to that knowledge but that is an entirely different problem.

Ha ha your not better than me this week I’m selling Aud chf and gold

What are your trades I will beat you hands down

what an honor, a privilege and a delight it is for the rest of us mere mortals to have not just one but two expert superheroes among us to educate, inspire and enthrall us so regularly - at least, I assume they must genuinely be experts because they say so themselves (forcefully and repeatedly) and there can’t really be any more authentic or better-informed sources than that, can there? :grinning:


Sure, unfortunately you missed the point that unique and retail only produce pennies on the dollar, but some people are happy with that.

In the coming months when the brokers and institutions run out of liquidity and squeeze everyone sensless I would say you might understand, but you won’t :grinning:

Think I’ll keep my Ignore settings as they are…