Candle TV\ MT4 \Ctrader

hello all

while i was drawing resistant and support line in “Tradingview” platform and compare it to MT4 and Ctrader. i found there is different closing and open price in various candles body\ wicks.

anyone have idea why is that?

i would like to post a screenshot to explain but not allowed since im a new memeber

Yeah might be using different brokers so price is slightly different.

This is a normal situation, because the admissible difference between the opening/closing price can reach up to 10-15 pips. It’s inconvenient, of course, if you didn’t have enough, but these are the features of working in the market.

The difference cannot be cardinal.
But it is almost always present, the market is too mobile for all systems to catch its changes in the same way.

Maybe the whole problem is in the brokerage ?
I don’t like it when such inconsistencies happen…