Cannabis stocks competition

this is the compartment between the main cannabis stocks
my money is on VFF and Sudial Growers acc to FDGT analysis these stocks will double their value by mid-2021

I tried different brands during this time because many people said that different brands have different percentages of CBD in them, so I wanted to find out which type suits me best.

Thanks for this, was looking at some stock investment options.

Haven’t tried my hands at stocks yet but figures and charts like this surely entices.

There are different types of stocks in the market. There can be stocks for one thing from different companies. But it doesn’t mean that they all are the same. The value of the stock depends on the company.

You better find a stock that won’t lose its value. Anyway, there are like a number of stocks available in the market and all you have to do is make an analysis for yourself and then consider buying.
Be thorough with backtesting, technical and fundamental analysis before you go ahead with any particular asset.