Can't send emails through forum

I have tried to send a couple emails to a couple different members and the forum will not allow me. I type out the email, click send and I get a nice white page that just does nothing.

Hopefully I am not the only person with this problem, not that I wish anything bad on others :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you can fix it, thanks for reading,


cant send emails also

The ability to send emails and private messages has been disabled for all new users until you have 50 posts. This is to discourage those who only sign up for our forums for soliciting and spamming. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Any chance you can lower it down to maybe 25. Being a newbie at this , i think it is hard to post sometimes when have nothing to really say and just reading other peoples experinces.

we are going to keep it at 50… There are just too many people/companies trying to spam on our forums… sorry for any inconvenience

hi pipcrawler,

If i get my 50 posts and then become able to send emails. If i send to someone with less than 50 can he send an email back? Or he cant respond back to my email until he gets his 50. Is he even able to see my email?


They can’t reply until they hit 50.

I think 50 is a good number. In just the short amount of time I have been on here I have seen an increase in SPAM. Sad and unfortunate :eek:

thanks for you responce. In a way that is a good thing and a bad thing.
oh well