Capital question

Question if one trader has 1000k and another 3000k and they both make the same trade and gain the same amount pips using the same lot size. is the win the same amount or does the person with 3000k make more money?

I’m baffled by the numbers in your example. 1000K is one million (dollars, pounds, or whatever).
3000k is 3 million. Did you really mean to use such large numbers in your example?

Fortunately, we can ignore the actual numbers, and answer your question this way –

If one trader has a certain size account, and the other trader has an account that is three times as large, and if both traders make the same trade, as described in your example, they will earn the same profit.

Profit or loss (P/L) in your example does not depend on account size.

The only difference between the two trades in your example is this: The trader with the smaller account used three times as much actual leverage as the trader with the larger account.

No they wouldnt because all of your trades have to be based off percentage risk so most have 1% risk so if you have 1000 and risk 1% youre risking 10 and if you get a 3:1 trade you risk 10 and win 30. If you have a 3000 account you risk 1% you risk 30 and a 3:1 trade is risking 30 and gaining 90

The original question said “same lot size”, so they both gain the same in capital. However I agree in principle, the question was flawed - the two traders should not have been trading the same lot size - one was either over-exposed or under-exposed.

If the same lot size and nothing else considered then yeah same profit/loss. Only possible difference might be different leverage used but if we assume all the same apart from capital size then no difference. Only difference is the probably risk on the smaller account is 3 times the size.

Sorry I meant 1k vs 3k. Figured it was the same profit, but I kept hearing from MLM or IMLs that your profit will be compounded. Meaning the more you have the more you earn.

No, they won’t make the same profits. Profits are also about the percentage they are risking and the investment they are making. It is not only about the number of pips that they are trading. Check other constraints also to know the profits.

No, both the traders won’t make the same profits. The profits also depend on the risk to reward ratio they are using apart from their investments.