Captain Candlesticks!

Hello everyone

I am Captain Candlesticks, glad to meet you all :slight_smile: I love forex trading and everything related to markets in general.

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Hi Captain! :blush: Haha. :slight_smile: Such a cute username. How long have you been trading? :slight_smile: Or are you still relatively new to forex too? :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you @captaincandlesticks! What’s your favorite candlestick pattern? :smiley:

Welcome to bp @captaincandlesticks. Glad to meet you too. How long have you been trading? :blush:

Hello, nice to meet you! I’ve been learning and playing with the Forex market for about 2 years now. I started following signals (major fail), and have since been learning and have recently found myself a mentor/coach.

I’ve been trading a morning breakout pattern before work each day. It’s basically a breakeven system, so it is more used for execution and discipline practice.

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Nice to meet you too :grin:

My favourite is the 3-bar reversal, but only because I enjoyed coding it so much. I also like what I call “long-tail candles” (e.g. the pin bar) as trend continuation indicators, although I have yet to properly backtest this idea.

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Thanks, nice to meet you too :slight_smile:

It’s been about two years, but I’ve only taken it seriously recently, I love it!

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Ooooh. :open_mouth: How did you come across your mentor? :smiley: Looks like it’s been going good for you! :blush: Do you have any plans to open your own trading journal here? :smiley:

I went to every event I could find on Meetup etc. and spoke to lots of people there, including those that were running the events. Then, when I found a person I trawled the internet looking for bad/negative reviews, and I went ahead when I couldn’t find any :slight_smile:

There are lots of charlatans and scammers out there, so I made sure to do my due dilligence.

I currently journal in a Google sheet, but may consider doing so here too. How does journalling here work?

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Wooow. :smiley: Sounds like a lot of work, but I’m happy that everything was worth it! :smiley: I’m happy that you found a trustworthy mentor. :blush:

Hmm. :thinking: As for journalling here :thinking:, I guess different people usually have different styles. :open_mouth: Like, I usually just share my charts and trade setups. :smiley: Haha. I guess having one here has put some pressure on me to constantly check out possibly good positions. :sweat_smile:

Shamelessly plugging my journal: HAHAHAHA

Ah cool, so you create a thread in the correct forum and post there. Got it.

I’ll definitely consider it once I go more full time. Right now, the morning system is done in 10 minutes and then there is the normal mad rush to get ready for work.

I see. I wish I could be more consistent with my trading too. :sweat: Good luck on your trading journey. :blush:

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That’s cool! Thanks for sharing! I wish you well on your trading journey and hope to see more of you here. :slight_smile: