Case study of trading success

A case study of trading success would surely help new and veteran traders to keep on determined to achieve the ultimate victory in the markets. It would also help them to know the best approaches to trading, so that eventual survival would be achieved. Now the question goes thus: what do you think is one of the best case studies of trading success available to encourage traders out there?

I don’t have any examples of case studies but I wholeheartedly disagree with this comment. What ultimate victory? Veteran traders wouldn’t need that information because “veteran” implies they’re profitable. If a person has been trading for five years and isn’t profitable I would still very much consider them a novice or a fool.

And the question of strategy is so massive because even people within the same disciplines exercise them differently. There must be thousands of combinations of indicators and approaches that can help novice traders find their success in the markets.

While I agree that strategy plays a significant role in the success of a trader; it’s nowhere near as important as Risk Management. You can take 1000 traders with 1000 systems but they are still unified by the need to have good Risk Management skills.

I feel like the kind of information presented in a case study like you’re suggesting would be relatively useless for novice and experienced trader alike. Something more suited to be a piece of curiosity.