CFD Position Size Calculator


Don’t say I don’t ever give anything away for nothing!!! LOL!!!

I ‘scoured’ the Internet and there are DOZENS of FOREX position size calculators available but nothing for CFDs (Gold, Silver, ETFs, Indices, Futures, etc.) so I wrote my own (I got sick and tired of using a calculator or Excel to calculate my position size and manage risk)!!!

So attached is my ‘gift’ to anyone interested.

I GUARANTEE you it is virus free and spyware free and that the uninstaller doesn’t leave ANYTHING behind on your workstation (if you decide you don’t want to use it and wish to uninstall it that is).

Have fun. Any suggestions for improvements are of course welcome.

Please do note that this version is for USD denominated trading accounts only (I’m ‘getting there’ i.e. the next version will allow the trader to select the base currency of their trading account).

It’s free. No ‘tricks’. And feel free to distribute it to anyone who you think may be able to make use of it.



Oops!!! ‘Egg on my face’ already!!! LOL!!!

I just realised (while trading an ETF with commissions) that if you input a value ONLY in the ‘Commission in USD’ field i.e. if you left the value for all other fields as zero: then the CFD Position Size Calculator would inform you that you could buy or sell a number of units based purely on the amount entered in the ‘Commission in USD’ field. Problem fixed and hence ALREADY a new version (v2.1)!!! LOL!!!

One thing I did not mention is that whatever value is input in the ‘Commission in USD’ field it is DOUBLED by the software when performing the position size and actual risk value calculations (simply because you pay commission upon opening the trade and you pay commission upon closing the trade).

For those of you that have already downloaded and installed version 2.0 please uninstall it (via Windows’ ‘Add/Remove Programs’) and install the new version (attached to this post). My apologies.


Dale. (664 KB)

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Hi sir kindly need for fractals trading system help me sir


Not sure what you’re asking here. This application is merely to enable those that trade CFDs (not FOREX) to calculate their position size and manage their risk is all. It is not trading system specific.

By the way: the updated version can always be found at (just aids in version control is all i.e. much simpler than my having to remember where I uploaded previous versions and possibly forgetting to update all the different forums/sites when a change is made or an update released).



Hi Dale,

Would be very interested in a version that covered GBP based accounts, anything in the pipeline?


For you: anything!!! LOL!!!

Seriously though: I’ve been working on a version to support all base currencies offered by Deltastock (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, BGN or RON) but it’s “quite the job”. I guess I could “knock up” a “GBP only” version (that would be easy) for you. Give me a little while (not too long and my apologies for my belated response).



Hi Dale!
Any news on the GBP base calculator? :slight_smile:



What version of Windows are you running (assuming it’s Windows of course)??? The reason I ask: I’m running into “issues” with Windows 7 and Delta Trading’s API. It’s not the API itself i.e. that works. But Windows 7 (apparantely) “inisists” on installing all of my software and utilities etc. in a very strange place and the CFD Position Size Calculator, because of this, is unable to automatically retrieve the relevant exchange rates from Delta Trading (Delta Trading 5 anyway) and do the automatic conversions so you have to input the relevant exchange rates manually if running Windows 7 is all (until I find out what the problem is).



Thanks for this man, really appreciate :slight_smile: