CFTC Charges “My Forex Funds” with Fraudulently Taking Over $300 Million From Customers Hoping to Become Professional Traders

As the complaint noted, the Traders Global pitch has been successful, and more than 135,000 customers have signed up for their trading program since November 2021, paying at last $310 million in fees. The complaint alleges Kazmi used proceeds from the fraud to purchase luxury homes and automobiles, and make tens of millions of dollars in transfers to his personal accounts.


I’ve never been a fan of forex funding one which is due to lot of rules and phases; they’re just not my type.
I hope they find justice for those victimize.


I doubt they will be able to recover those fees but I hope at least they won’t get to victimize even more people.

i think this guy is a mouthpiece for MFF…

during the video, he seems to be explaining in a very subtle way that MFF really tried to do what is right and then he advises us to just walk away and forget about your money… ie, dont sue… ie, dont complain… just move on… just walk away…

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