Chainlink releases staking with Chain Staking v0.1

Awesome milestone. Will bring better security and usage to the blockchain.

Why Stake LINK?

A core initiative of Chainlink Economics 2.0, Chainlink Staking enables LINK token holders and node operators to earn rewards for helping increase the cryptoeconomic security of oracle services. With the Chainlink Network already enabling more than $6.6 trillion dollars in transaction volume, it’s important for the security of the network to scale to match the increasing amount of value secured within Chainlink-powered applications. The launch of Staking v0.1 represents a key milestone in Chainlink’s new era of sustainable growth and security.

You earn rewards, but your staked LINK will be locked anywhere from 9-12 months, until v0.2. So you’ll need to think about the impact of locking up that money.