Changing MT5 account password and Coinexx

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so I use coinexx and after I made my live MT5 account on their dashboard I changed its password via MT5. I figured that would be the right thing to do as you never know if they have clear text access to your password. Since then my MT5 and the account works fine. However I can no longer access the account from their dashboard. I can log in, and i can select my demo accounts, however I cannot actually select the live account with in their dashboard. I’ve tried resetting the password with in the portal to the password which i changed to, but still no luck. Working with support At the moment. Any help is appreciated

On MT5 the sequence is to press the FILE key at the left hand top toolbar. Underneath, the last section contains a button stating ‘Login to Trade Account’.

That’s the process how to switch between accounts. If that’s not working, then refer back to support - or change brokers.

… I’m talking about with in coinexx dashboard bruh

you don’t need to use the dashboard, just any chart. Try it and see.


bruh i need to use the dashboard to make deposits and withdrawals.

Ah, okay. Best of luck.

BTW: - Coinexx is not regulated by any financial service regulator in any country.

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Hi there!
I am also using Coinexx live account. I just changed the password via MT4 after seeing your post. My MT4 is working fine after I have changed the password. Also, I am able to aceess my trading account on dashboard as I was using it previously. So, if it is working fine with me it should work fine with you as well. So, I guess that is just a technical glitch and you should take the help of the customer support and I am sure they will resolve it.