Changing Order in MT4 Database


Is it possible to change executed order BUY to SELL (OR) SELL to BUY in metatrader 4 local database.

I know my question maybe crazy but is it really possible to do? Atleast in MT4 local Database (Stored in PC)

No dear,u can’t.
You can only open anoda one in d intended direction.

One of my friend shown me a video where he changing already executed trade (Open position) from SELL to BUY (or) BUY to SELL and he saying changes are reflecting on broker server itself. His word look magical and unbelievable. If someone can able to really change Order direction, then he can be a millionaire by changing all loss trade direction.

He also sent me multiple video to prove his word with different brokers accounts like ICmarkets, Exness, Octafx etc (Both real & demo account). He saying that he able to change any open position direction.

I still doubt him but his videos look legit. When i asked him to show the same on live with teamviewer he denied, he said he will only show in video not live. that what i doubt is he changing MT4 Local PC Database?

It is very impossible to do that…take my word for it dear.

Spot on! It really isn’t possible. But how I wish it was!

Isn’t it possible to do so from the mt4 popup window of ‘modify order’? I mean under the trade tab.

I normally just open a new trade on MT4 when such a need arises.

No dear it’s not, modifying ur trade doesn’t include changing d direction entirely.


Same here, I am using MT4 on FXCM and Fxview and whenever I want to trade the reverse direction, I just open a new position. I trade small pips and am very conservative with my stop loss. Going to experiment more with stops and tp after strong footing, hopefully in some months.

I think it’s best to check with customer care. No speculation then.

I have modified stop loss and take profit levels this way while using android for oanda, fxview and cmc markets’ MT4 platform, but I doubt if buy/sell can be changed.

Yeah checking with customer support is always a good option to clear things out.