Changing Stochastic To Slow Stoch - Correct Way

In Babypips page linked below it mentions 3 numbers to change, (if interested in this subject).

“SSD (slow stochastic) set to 10:4:2”

So the 10 is the %K
Is 4 the %D and 2 Slowing, or have I mixed these 2 up ?

Also been trying 15:3:3 seems more reliable ‘a little bit’, I read somewhere !

Sorry, I am new, can’t link, search: “babypips-advanced-trend-line-trading-with-ssd”

Thx folks

Below is a link to a description of the slow stochastic indicator.

This is a (poor) explanation of what N is and what X is.

  1. Stochastics consist of two lines formed by “%K” and “%D”;
  2. Choose a period “N” for “%K”, “X” for %D (Standard settings = 9,3);
  3. %K = 100 * (CCL – LN)/(HN – LN) where CCL = Current Closing Price, LN = lowest low of past “N” periods, HN = highest high of past “N” periods;
  4. %D = 100 * (HX /LX) where HX = X-period sum of (CCL – LN), LX = X-period sum of (HN – LN).

Item 2 states (Standard settings = 9,3) implying that in this case N = 9 and X = 3. However this does not explain what the third parameter setting means (eg SSD set to 10:4:2 in your example above).