Chart Art Trade Journal

Thanks mate! Posting trades I haven’t logged yet in a bit! Pretty excited!


I’m behind in posting trades. Will do better at logging them right away. BUT this was from the week of June 6th. I remember not seeing any good setups until Wednesday.

That setup was a short GBP/NZD trade:

I would have been fine and would have hit my TP but I wanted to stay true to what I’m trying to learn here and actually honor my SLs. Oh well. I was down -$15.64 from this trade. Shoulda woulda coulda.

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The day after I took that losing GBP/NZD trade, I saw another good setup. This time it was a short AUD/USD trade from this post:

It was pretty spot on, I opened it in the morning of June 9th and closed with an $11 profit the following day.

Even with that loss from the GBP/NZD trade, this chart art blog is still pretty spot on!!!

So technically now I’m only down -$4 lol. Not too bad.


I would have made more money though if I had stayed in that trade. I shouldn’t have gotten out but that green candle there was what made me panic. And coming from a loss, I thought I better get out. That and that was also my TP anyway. But still. It went even lower than what Niko of the chart art blog was expecting.

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I have two more trades to post and I’m glad to report I got another big win from one of them but psychologically I feel this unnecessary pressure to keep “winning” and not just for myself but also for the person behind chart art lol. Like I feel like I’d let people down if I lose all my gains. Makes no sense right?


The two trades from last month!

One is a long EUR/JPY trade from this post:

Made about $25 from this trade. Sucks but I could have made more. Am I being greedy? Yes I am. But still, there wasn’t any signs of weakness happening, I shouldn’t have closed the trade and looked at the 144 resistance level.

Pale yellow is where I entered, red line is SL and green line is where I took profit.

Account is now $375+ at this point. Crazy!

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Trade #2 is from this post:

It’s another long trade. This one I quickly knew wasn’t going to go my way. Thank goodness for stop losses. I set this one pretty narrow but in hindsight maybe I shouldn’t even have entered if I wasn’t that confident to begin with. I feel like this was a trade I made just to enter a trade.

Lost -$4 on this trade.

Account is now in the $370ish range. Still not bad!

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Up 23% so far from following Chart Art posts!

I’ll continue doing this throughout the entire 2022. Curious to find out where my account will be after! I still plan on trading at least once a week from their posts even though I did miss one week from last week.

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Short Cable today thanks to this post:

Test of patience as I see it consolidating but it’s only been half a day. I have SLs and TPs already set. The test is sticking to it as always.


Passed the test of patience! Made $23 from this trade. And I’m glad I didn’t get greedy and let the trade run either. Because that trade would have lost money pretty quickly.

Took 2 days to TP!


This trade is what brought my account to $400.05 for a total of $100.05 in gainz for a $300 account!

A short trade on NZD/JPY. I think I could ahve let this run but oh well, that was the plan. At least I stuck to it. Total profit from this trade is $6.20!

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Great news! I look at it like this. Profit % is the same no matter the trade.

Just imagine if you had a $30,000 account. You would have a profit of $10,000!


Ugh tell me about it! I think about that often! :))) But also I think about how much I could lose and that thought completely dies. :))

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Two trades open so far, both long USD! And both in the green! :smiley: WIll post details later!

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I hear you. It seems intimidating. But as your account grows, increase your risk accordingly, and your risk tolerance will grow.

If your risk right now is $10 per trade, if you’re growing, you can increase your risk to $12 to reflect your new account size. If you always risk 1%, you can adjust that at the beginning of each month.

But if you dumped $25k into your account, risking $250 per trade will have you shaking in your boots. You have to work your way up to that.

Or you can practice in demo with those type of position size.

Yeah hopefully in a couple months I’ll be ready to trade a larger sized account! But for now imma keep it the way it is! I do feel bad though knowing I could be making more lol but that’s greed speaking there. :joy:

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UPDATE: Account is now up 42%! From $300 to $427. Just by following the chart art trade posts!

The last two trades I took were pretty risky mainly because they were correlated. Had the dollar moved the opposite direction, that would have been clearly, double the losses.

First up is from this post:

The post was suggesting to sell but as per usual, I wait a couple hours before I do anything and look at the price action then. It didn’t go as the post recommended but thankfully it also considered the other direction. It was already moving higher by the time I saw it so I decided to buy.

Closed it 5 days later for a profit of $13.

Next up is this trade I took about 4 days later:

Again, it was already headed downwards by the time I saw this post. Closed this trade a day later after I saw the pair consolidate.

It’s been a pretty good week for me. I’ve only had one tiny loss so far and I’m very worried a losing streak is coming lol. Do you ever get that? When you feel like everything’s going so well, something’s just BOUND to fail?? Or is that just my pessimistic self talking?

No trades this week just yet. I’ve been looking at the most recent trades but some are crypto and the forex ones don’t look as “juicy” to me lol