Chart Art Trade Journal

Inspired by @Maldean, I’m starting a trading journal for trades directly inspired by the chart art section here on babypips. I’m not planning on taking ALL the trades they post or even taking it every day, only those that I feel like are good setups.

My account size is $300ish and I’ll post gains and losses here too in case anyone has ever thought about following trade ideas from that part of this website. :slight_smile:


First trade was taken last week based on this post:

By the time I checked the post, this pair was already headed down so I hopped in at 100ish and then today closed it after I saw consolidation happening at the 98.5 level.

At 2,000 lots, this trade yielded me +$30. Not bad! Trade was open for 7 days.


Well done. Keep them coming.

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Cheers :clinking_glasses: keep on basing on their strategies and one day you will develop yours

Very reliable and daily, I enjoy babypips news desecting too, that’s Technical and fundamental is well articulated on their daily updates.:fire::boom::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Very nice!! So, your particular entry/stop loss is based on TA?

You get the trade from others, but how about when YOU enter? Do you follow any fundamentals?

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I just check to see if there are any upcoming economic events. That’s as much as I’d do. I just check for trend confirmation, if it hasn’t happened yet, I don’t take the trade!


Trade number 2!

GBP/NZD. Here’s the link to the trade idea:

Here’s how that played out:

While I made $12 from this trade, it is a bad one for me.

I removed my stop loss out of greed (it was set to 1.9250 but this one didn’t hit it by 05/31, it only went as low as 1.92594) and then it proceeded to move higher, I should have been taken out of this trade with an SL of 1.935 but once again did NOT follow my plan and instead kept it running.

Just sheer luck from where I’m standing that this pair continued to move lower today. Was watching the 1H charts and got out as soon as I saw the first sign of a wick.

Terribly done trade but got lucky. Trade was open for 4 days.

Currently up $42 thanks to 2 trades with one that was terribly handled lol.


Greed or fear? I assume it was a fear of being wrong.

Of course, I could be wrong.

I’m curious…what thoughts/emotions were going bouncing around in your coconut when you removed the stop loss?

Could also be the case except it’s not really fear of being wrong but more fear of losing money lol.

Excitement, panic?? The promise of making more. Adventure! Lol. Nothing substantial, clearly.

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Trade number 3: Short EUR/AUD

The post mentioned a downside breakout which I spotted also but then the downtrend didn’t continue. I did set a TP and SL for this one and did follow it but the way this was a 1:1 R:R which is whatever but can be better in the future.

This trade allowed me to take $9 in profit. Not bad.

Total gains so far from Chart Art trades: $51!



A jedi I am certainly not. :skull:


Why would u remove ur stop loss ?

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It was already there. I mentioned it. :slight_smile:


The $ amount sounds nice, but what’s the profit %?

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17% so far!


That’s very good!! Keep going!!

I asked about % because if you’re trading with $3,000 or $3M, 17% remains the same.


Congratulations :clap: you earn as u trade :clap: cheers :clinking_glasses:

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Ah indeed. I wish it was any of those amounts lol.

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