Chart Price Different to Order Price

Has anyone else noticed some brokers prices on the chart can be lower than the price on the order? I post below two examples of this:

This one shows a chart price of 1.61365 with a bid ask of 1.61372/1.61381 and was taken 29 October 2014.

This one shows a chart price of 1.59713 with a bid ask of 1.59720/1.59729 and was taken 3 November 2014.

I have for the last three months, researched many brokers. Most appear to set the chart price at the bid price. When I confronted the broker on this I got a very woolly response which in effect was that all brokers do this and it is normal.

Is it normal? Am I just being a bit thick? :slight_smile:

Any help would be very much appreciated as my gut reaction is to close my account with this broker.