Chart Question

Firstly I would like to say hello to everyone here :slight_smile:

I am new here and also pretty new in forex trading. I have been trading for only 3 months and still learning.

I have a question regarding the time frame of the charts.

In the 15 min chart I see a uptrend pattern but when I looked at the H4 chart I noticed it has formed a Head and Shoulder pattern. This is certainly a sell trade after the break of the neckline.

Should I do a short even thought the 15min chart is trending upwards?


Everything that you see in the bigger timeframes will be reflected sooner or later in the smaller timeframes. You can go long in the 15 min chart, but you have to be aware that sooner or later it will turn down.

In your case, i would go short once the 15 min chart starts to turn dow. The smaller timeframes give you a better entry point.

Thank you gasanvill. This cleared some of my confusion.

One more thing, what if it happens that an announcement came out,
and it happened to be a good report, this will bring the price uptrend.
Will the trend in H4 then change to go with the flow?

By the way what indicator tools do you recommend using to help with entry and exit point?

If the announcement is that important it will affect the price. But not necessarily means a change in the trend, after a while the prices may return to keep with the original trend (false breakout). who knows, maybe the trend does change. That is way it takes sometime to trade news correctly…

I dont use indicators, i like to trade support, resistance, and trendlines. Read the post bye KENNET LEE “Don�t make trading harder than it is”


Thank you gasanvill, it sure help alot with your input.