Chart with a couple fibs, and disecting channels


i am new here, but i like to post charts on twitter so i thought this would be fun too. i welcome dissent and concurrence so be unabashed in sharing thoughts, that is if anyone besides myself ever looks at this. anyway, what is being shown is one long-term fib retracement from the plunge of late 2013, and a smaller, shorter, counter to that, in a retrace of the latest uptrend surge. i use these levels as an average in which price has shown itself attracted to, and base the time and scale of my trades accordingly.

i have also developed two channels that have shown strong support and resistance levels to determine short term trends. as is shown on the chart, the latest daily move made its way to a cross in the channels and i expect a signal to present itself shortly.

unfortunately i closed a short from 1.1400 earlier this morning when sleep would not leave me be and i was too leveraged to ignore the chart. still banked 22 pips, but you know how it goes.