Charting Package

Why important charting package for forex trading?
Because of we can follow next:
Live Forex Feed
30 Currency Pairs
Weekly Pivot Points
Daily Pivot Points
Timed Pivot Points
Live Pivot Points
Multi Currency View
Multi Chart View
Dual Monitor Support
Custom Zoom
Standard Indicators ( MACD, BB�s, MA�s, RSI, and MO)
Line Studies ( Fibonacci Retracements and Time Zones)
Chart Customization (Color, Style, 3D)
Load Historical Data for a Long Term View

Do you any know any FREE Charting Package or Sofware that includes EUR/TRY and USD/ZAR pair monthly data?

Or one with all the technical stuffs and can upload past data?


I use MTI. But thats good enough for me. But that when I used to trade. Now I use they pay me 5% monthly anyway. but if you need a chart I’d stick to their charts aren’t bad

wow. selling computers, writing business plans, and managing forex accounts. looks like they do it all.

Ive been looking for a charting software that would allow more than 2 currency pairs overlay for correlations in regards to my trading…if anyone knows or aware to where i can find one please help …i would greatly appreciate…sorry that i seldom post replies…thanks again to anyone that would help…Fredric