Charting Software with Indicator Alerts

hi! does anyone have a recommendation for any charting software that gives an alert when criteria are met eg macd, RSI>30 etc and gives u an alert?

thanks everyone … :confused:

Metatrader 4. It doesn’t come with those features out of the box, but since it’s possible to program your own indicators, and use those programmed by others, you can do anything with it.

It’s just a matter of finding/writing a custom indicator that does what you want. Google “MT4 indicators” and you’ll find thousands of them.

Use Excel and P & F

hmmm thanks… i will explore metatrader. how do i get started with programming my own indicators and criteria?

came to know about metastock too…

whats p&f ?


CMS forex uses the trading platform VT Trader, it has the ability to run trading systems that generate alerts and auto trades based on pre-defined conditions, moving average crosses, MACD, RSI, STOCH, CCI, levels etc…

The trading platform comes with some standard trading systems, many more can be downloaded from the VT user forum. You can also write your own and modify the standard pre-loaded trading systems. I�ve never used the system to automatically place trades, but I use it all the time for alerts,

My favorite “indicator of the week” is the Gann hi-lo activator. I�ve been using a trading system that (bell ring) alerts me with buy/sell signals. I can run it all day and I manually take the trades. I�ll also run it on my laptop in the bedroom at night and let the alerts wake me.

I do have a live account with CMS and haven�t had any problems with them. Their order entry system seems a little slow & clumsy, but maybe I�m spoiled, I do most of my trading with Oanda and love their order entry menu.

Look into it, might work for you
Good luck!

The most popular book.
The old edition is free.
Point & Figure Charting: The Essential Application for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices
by Dorsey, Thomas J.

d-pip or anyone:

do you have a copy of the Gann hi-lo activator with audio for MT4? I have searched and am unable to find one.

Thanks in advance


Are you sure that this is an indicator?
What indicator do?
Describe in detail.
Indicators Gann, there are many.
You have a picture?
This is useful for?
Gann Hi-lo Activator (649 Bytes)

Sorry, I don�t have the MT4 Gann hi-lo with audio. I use the alert on the VT Trader. Bet someone could add an audio alert to the MT4code.

FYI: I cut & pasted the following info from the VT trader manual, also, Robert Krausz has a web site explaining �New Gann Swing Chartist�. Do a google for New Gann Swing Chartist�, �Fibonacci Trader� or Robert Krausz. The “New Chartist” system is a mechanical method of W D Gann�s old classic hand charting process. The whole system seems to be more suited for stocks but the Hi Lo activator works kind of slick with forex. Seems to give a pretty fast signal for a trend change. Faster than regular moving average crosses. I notice the MT4 version of the Hi-Lo activator uses a look-back period of 10, I use look-back of 3, so try different settings.

Gann HiLo Activator
[I]The Gann HiLo Activator was first introduced by Robert Krausz in the Feb. 1998 issue of Stocks & Commodities Magazine. Further information about this indicator was gathered from Robert Krausz’s Fibonacci Trader Journal (Volume 1, Issue 2).[/I]

[I]The Gann HiLo Activator is basically a simple moving average of the previous 3 periods’ highs or lows plotted based in relation to the HiLo Activator. When price is above the HiLo Activator it can be used as a buy stop (uses the previous period�s lows for calculations) and when price is below the HiLo Activator it can be used as a sell stop (using the previous period�s highs for calculation).


The Gann HiLo Activator is meant to be used in conjunction with the Gann Swing and Gann Trend indicators to form a trading system methodology commonly referred to as the “New Gann Swing Chartist Plan”. Within this methodology the Gann HiLo Activator can be used as an entry trigger and stoploss point.[/I]

good trading!

does oanda give the same flexibility? i.e. alarm when theres a buy/sell signal?

how do you program the MT4?


My first demo account was with CMS-VT Trader. When I started trading live I open accounts with CMS & Oanda. After using both for a while I decided to make Oanda my main account and trade with CMS-VT Trader as a secondary account. I also have a demo with Alpari (USA) using Metatrader 4 and planning on opening a live account with Alpari or IBFX (I’ve got my reasons for wanting 2 or 3 live accounts…LOL)

IMO, out of all the systems I�ve seen and used, Oanda has the best designed entry and exit system, fast, simple, straightforward, pre-set stop-loss take profit, lot size, one-click, on-charts and menu order entry…I really like using it. BUT…the charts are somewhat basic, no alarms, maybe a dozen or so indicators, some basic trend line tools etc. But even though the charts are somewhat basic I trade my most profitable strategy on them, 15m, 5m & 1m charts with just 14sma & 49 sma. Occasionally looking over to Metatrader for the big picture.

Metatrader-4 does everything…or pretty darn close. I�d highly recommend you try a demo. Tons of information and stuff about MT4 online, after you try it you�ll know what I mean.

VT Trader is kind of cool, I have lots of experience with it, it was my first and I�ve spent hours and hours using it. I find the programmed alerts from the auto trading system very useful. There�s something about it I like.

My advice would be to download and demo a bunch of platforms, there are pros & cons with all of them.

Take a look at Oanda and CMS-VT Trader, people say good things about GFT-DealBook too, but make sure you try a Metatrader-4 demo.

Good luck!

wow thanks

sounds like u had lots of experience with the software

i guess i will begin by trying out MT4 and then maybe the other 2 thereafter

thanks for helping out

hi so i installed MT4 but it says got to register for it? does this mean MT4 is a brokerage house?

Yes, the data feed is supplied through the broker’s server. It’s pretty easy to set-up a demo account. Off hand I’m familar with 2 US MT4 brokers, Alpari (us) and Interbank FX. There are tons of ads for Interbank on the babypips site. Alpari has usa & uk accounts, I’m not sure what the difference is.

Generally, the brokers ask for name address email and phone. If privacy is an issue, I�ve heard of people using fake names and phone#. Seems like to only thing that needs to be real is the email (to confirm the account)

good luck!

Try metaf charts. They are on line and usually pretty good, ive checked them out a couple of times�.
Good luck!:slight_smile: