Charting Software

Hi, I am looking at VT Trader and MetaTrader 4 charting softwares. Can I use these charting softwares with oanda as the broker or is it only limited to certain brokers? If so, how do I find out which brokers use these sofwares.

So lets say I’m using VT Trader, I can only use this with CMS Forex? (that’s where I got it)
I’m not even sure which broker I opened a demo account with using MetaTrader4. I just used File/Open an Account.

I would like to practice trading with oanda before trading with real money but I’ve been reading about how much better using VT Trader or MetaTrader 4 is for charting.

Any help would be great thanks!

VT Trader and MetaTrader platforms are limited to brokers that offer them only. Oanda has its own java built in charting, although it’s not as good as MT or VT charting. You could simply use Oanda to place your orders, and use VT or MT to check charts.

So you need a demo account from Metatrader or VT trader provider.