Charts for PPI, CPI, Durable goods etc

i noticed on forextv site there is a a whole series of videos devoted to learning about economic indicators. they give examples of what some of these indicators look like on graphs. i just wanted to know where i can find free carts for these kind of indicators. thanks.

thanks for the help

anyways, i found two services (you need to pay) one is called News Trader Pro and the other is called Econoday.i saw news trader used to demonstrate whats happening in the market on Forextv and i found it interesting. i believe its 199 for a year subscription but im not too sure. Econoday is also another program i saw on Forextv thats about $240 for a subscription it also seems promising but if i had to pick one i would pick the news trader pro.

anyways, im still hoping for something a little less expensive (free would be even better).

i hope this helps someone.

Thanks for the info! I think I�ll have to check out this options too… maybe I�ll be confusing myself too much, or maybe not! Who knows! Right now I feel that there is so many things to learn, I wonder if it is really worth it. But maybe today I feel down to be looking into this stuff!

anyone know of a good place to get COT reports?