Charts I'm Watching for Future Trades

Whats up everyone. I plan on updating this almost every day. It will involve Forex, US Futures, Stocks and a little Crypto. Feel free to add a screenshot of what you’re currently watching and looking to trade. Please keep charts to 1hr/4hr/Daily … will post some charts later tonight

USDCAD. Would like 1.27 to hold and I’ll probably open up a Long position

Crude Oil. 70 has to hold for me to go Long. If it doesn’t, may take a Short position with a TP at 69 area

Good looking setups they could be. Go get them.

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Thank you my man. Feel free to post any good setups you have in mind… Silver under 22 earlier today, wow lol

I’ll short Silver if drops bellow 21.88

Yeah I’m going to set an alert below that level

Opened up a Short on USDCAD right above 1.27. Stop is above 1.27200

stopped out and then 15min later news came out and it dropped 40+ pips. MFer

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2 trades today. Both red. Not major losses though.
Was just a little too early shorting $MSFT pullback. Should have went Long on $AAPL today lol

Looking at euro / Swiss to extend short and Long Chicago Wheat if it hits around 750

I always keep an eye on the US indices. When all get bullish with consistent uptrends I just get long the S&P and keep adding to it.

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nice. for swings? or day trades?

Interesting thread. Following…

I am looking to go long on preferably the S&P on the D1 charts and then just keep adding exposure every time we get a lower close (until the uptrend stalls).

glad to have you in here my friend

gotcha. yeah i see all-time highs later this upcoming week. as long as no more news about Omi comes out. i see it hit Miami now though… these Indices bounce back so strong though, its nuts. idk how much longer this bull trend will last. i thought we were headed into a bear market so may times and then 2-3 weeks later we hit all-time highs lol

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No matter how classic the bearish TA on the US indices, I never even bother shorting them, it usually ends in tears before bed-time.

lol. yeah look at a weeky chart. insanely bullish lol

USDCAD, watching for possible double top