Cheap half decnt trading pc setup

Hi new here and happy to be a member.

So to date I’ve just used phone and Chromebook to trade but realise now I have a firmer grasp and better consistency that I need a proper work station.

Ideally I’d like it to be good for 5 years or more.
It’ll be used to trade 5 different cryptos on a 2/3 exchanges but looking to expand trading into other instruments so don’t want limitations.

I’m trying to avoid making a ■■■■ move here so would very much appreciate advice.

So many questions like how many screens or 1 big screen what’s a decent setup going to cost me et
Any advice or pointers

I’m happy with just my laptop. I did buy a larger monitor and hooked it up, but I found the picture was not as clear, so I’ve stopped using it to look at charts.

Well, that’s up to you. Most important is Internet connection. I have a set up on a mini laptop that if I have an electric blow out at home, I can move it to the nearest connection. As it happened last week.

Like Matty, I hardly use my large monitor screen, and am too lazy to have one screen on laptop and another on the monitor.